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Success Story - Surgery of Hirabai from Ratnagiri at Sancheti Hospital

Surgery of Hirabai from Ratnagiri at Sancheti Hospital on 1st June 2017

In our mission to treat the children affected by CP we have a success story of Ms. Hirabai.

This indeed is a moment of happiness for our organisation and her family.

Hirabai is an Adivasi who hails from a BPL family, resident of Kondhval, Tal. Ambegaon, Pune. During our assessment camp at Ratnagiri, the doctors advised Hirabai for L club foot triple arthrodesis with soft tissue release surgery.

She was operated on 1st June at Sancheti Hospital at Pune and her plaster was removed on 3rd August 2017.

She is now able to stand and has to wear custom designed shoes for a year and expected to begin walking independently within 15 days.

MMF and FIL are thankful to Sancheti Group and their doctors for having performed the surgery and has brought success and happiness to the family.

The surgery was supported by FIL and MMF along with concession from Sancheti Hospital.

Story of Mr. Vasant Pujari

Mr. Vasant Pujari is a welder by profession. Once when he was working on site where a short circuit occurred and he had undergo amputation.

One day he was noticed selling socks, handkerchief etc on a cycle. On having a conversation with him we realized his need for a motor cycle which will help him cover larger parts for his business and in turn help him financially and also make a difference to support hisfamily.

Hence Mukul Madhav Foundation helped him by providing an Activa which is specially designed for a physically challenged person.

This brought a great difference to the life and family of Mr. Pujari and he visits on regular acknowledge the help rendered to him.

Akansha Schools and TFI

Mukul Madhav Foundation in association with Finolex Industries Ltd. has been involved in supporting the Akanksha and the TFI schools for the past five years. Regular health camps are being organized in the schools with the help of the Medical team form Sassoon Hospital and KEM hospital at regular intervals or beginning the academic year.

We support around 10 to 15 schools and cater to around 10k students. Medical camps are conducted in the field of Dental, ophthalmic, skin and general checkup like height, weight, HB levels and nutrition.

We have sponsored a student from TFI by providing fellowship grant worth Rs.3,53,400/- as educational assistance.

Mukul Madhav Foundation initiates the process of supporting children with Cerebral Palsy towards becoming financially independent

Mukul Madhav Foundation, CSR Partner of Finolex Pipes has been running a rehabilitation centre in Mirajkar Hospital, Wai since July 2016. On observation, parents found travelling from Panchgani or Mahabaleshwar to Wai for speech therapy/physiotherapy extremely difficult. Keeping this in mind, the 4th Finolex Rehabilitation Centre in Panchgani Municipal School No.2 was set up.

We are set to start transport facilities in Satara Taluka for children with Cerebral Palsy. The vehicle will pick the children up from their homes & drop them to the Rehabilitation Centre for physiotherapy sessions which are being conducted every Wednesday in Satara Municipal School no.20.


On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, Mukul Madhav Foundation will initiate the process of supporting children with Cerebral Palsy towards becoming financially independent. Initially, help will be extended to residents of Satara Taluka, Ms. Priyanka Indalkar & Ms. Arpita Shevde. A sewing machine to Ms. Arpita Shevde & financial support towards Ms. Priyanka Indalkar to establish a shop to sell stationery, cosmetics & snacks. Arpita is being supported by her family & the village itself while Priyanka's shop is located on a busy road surrounded by two schools creating a great business growth opportunity. Both Priyanka & Arpita were identified with cerebral palsy in the assessment camp held in March 2016 in Satara.

They were operated in Sancheti hospital, Pune where MMF/FIL has sponsored Rs.30,000 each. After the surgery, they participated in the physiotherapy sessions in our Satara Rehabilitation centre.

Mukul Madhav Foundation helps 2 year old girl to receive cochlear implant

2 year old Arohi Dhalvi, was born with hearing loss. The experts at K.E.M. Hospital, where Arohi was being treated, suggested a cochlear implant. Arohi's father, who works as a librarian at BMCC College, Pune, had collected Rs. 4, 25,000 for the surgery but was falling short of Rs. 2, 50,000. He approached Mukul Madhav Foundation to help with this shortfall, so that Arohi could receive the implant at the earliest. The case was verified by our social workers as genuine and the amount was sanctioned from a generous donation that we received from one of our regular donors, Mr. Pradeep Mafatlal. Arohi successfully received the implant on 30th March, 2015. She is recovering well and with regular sessions of speech therapy over the next few months, Arohi will be able to begin communicating.

We thank Mr. Mafatlal for his donation, which has brought a new ray of hope to Arohi's life.

Mukul Madhav Foundation sponsored an engineering student with her third year college fees

In May 2014, Mukul Madhav Foundation had sponsored Rathika Sekar, an engineering student from RMK College of Engineering and Technology affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. Rathika had approached us with the request to help her pay for her third year college fees. On completion of our verification process, it was decided that Rathika, being a deserving student,would be fully sponsored by Mukul Madhav Foundation.

At the end of the academic year, Rathika wrote to us thanking us for the support during her time in need and also gave us the great news that she has not only cleared the third year examinations but has also stood first in college.

Congratulations Rathika on this outstanding achievement! We wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Mukul Madhav Foundation helped a child receive a cochlear implant

Harshada Gaikwad, the daughter of an auto rickshaw driver, was diagnosed with hearing loss. She belongs to a family of five, where the males are the sole breadwinners, having an annual income of Rs.65,000.

Harshada's parents approached K.E.M Hospital, Pune, who suggested a cochlear implant. Coming from a low-economic background, this expensive medical treatment was out of reach for her parents. On relaying their problem to the hospital, they were then introduced to Mukul Madhav Foundation.

Through our help, Harshada was able to receive a cochlear implant.

Today, Harshada is a spontaneous and active child. She is responsive and now undergoes speech therapy that would help her to communicate better. Harshada will soon be able to lead a normal life. We wish her all the very best in her future endeavours.

Mukul Madhav Foundation Supports Priyanka, a Deserving Student

In the month of February'15, Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) supported Priyanka, a Std. 11 student from Gopal High School and Junior College, by helping her pay her pending fees. Priyanka is the daughter of a farmer, who hails from Rahu village located at the outskirts of Pune.

Priyanka and her father visited our office and shared their struggle story with our team. They do not own any land of their own, so her father works as a labourer to earn his wages to support the family. On completion of the verification process, we found Priyanka to be a deserving student and sanctioned the amount to be paid. Here, we would like to thank Mr. Yogesh Kriplani through whose generous donation we were able help Priyanka to come one step closer to achieving her dreams.

Priyanka is determined to work hard and aims to become a doctor and serve society. We wish her all the best for the future.

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