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As we looked around us, we noticed an almost criminal neglect that was affecting the healthcare system. There was a general apathy towards patients and their caregivers, and a reluctance to provide basics which were hardly maintained or upgraded. Bright and promising doctors and nurses were posted in government hospitals, but with little to no equipment and facilities to enable diagnosis, care, and cure.

When we took our first steps 20 years ago, we decided to change this scenario for the better in whatever small way we could. We set out to update, upgrade and uplift infrastructure that had deteriorated with neglect. The single most powerful tool we used to initiate this was ‘listening’. We began to fill in the gaps within the system by listening to mothers, the fathers, the patient, their doctors and nurses, the ward boys, the administrators, and the bureaucrats. We sat down in the existing facilities, with the caregivers and the patients in their care. We witnessed their pain. We shared their anguish. We understood their world, and also appreciated how it was different from the rest of us. We cried with them. We laughed with them. We celebrated recoveries, and mourned losses. We followed-up on their treatments, and their progress – not just medically, but in their lives ahead too. 

This complete immersion has given us a palpable empathy that has informed each and every initiative to date. Whether it is advanced medical treatments for individuals, or installing the state-of-the-art medical equipment in government hospitals, or contributing to the salaries of top technicians, doctors, specialists and surgeons. We have kept our ears, and eyes opened, and acted on wherever we saw a gap we could bridge. Our sense of empathy extends beyond just the medical. Within hospital premises, we have created play areas, and reading corners; adding aesthetic touches to their surroundings. We have looked at ways to support the well-being of the caregivers with waiting rooms, water and sanitation facilities, and food. We have gone to great lengths to put in place small things that bring big comfort. We have done the same for doctors, nurses and hospital staff – creating staff rooms with thoughtful facilities that ensure that the ones that care for others, are cared for too. 

We have done all this and more, by inspiring corporates and individuals with our relentless drive to make a difference, with dignity. Pleading for permissions, pleading for implementation of policies, and pleading for funds. 

The pride we feel seeing our beneficiaries rise above their illness and circumstances to realise their full potential is unparalleled. We beam with a sense of contentment and satisfaction when a stranger on a bus recommends us to another stranger seeking help, emphasising that we never let any genuine call for help go unheard.

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Cochlear Implants
Cochlear Implants

supported since 2010

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Paediatric Heart
Paediatric Heart

surgeries undertaken since 2014

Cataract Surgeries
Cataract Surgeries

performed since 2012 for paediatrics and adults

Thalassemia Patients
Thalassemia Patients

supported every month since 2018-19

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Infant Lives
Infant Lives

impacted through various support systems since 2002

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screened in over 16 Mammography Camps since 2014 in Ratnagiri and Pune

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Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens

supported medically since 2019 through camps

Infrastructural support to Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

We donate world-class equipment to government hospitals in keeping with our endeavour to provide vulnerable communities with better access to healthcare.

It has been five years since we began with our support to Sassoon General Hospital in Pune. In March 2018, we established the Gastroenterology Department at the hospital by donating equipment that has benefitted 400 individuals.

This department in Sassoon General Hospital made Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College, to which it is affiliated, the first in Maharashtra to perform the Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) procedure. The procedure involves cutting the food pipe to treat the achalasia cardia disorder where the patient is unable to swallow food or drink.

  • 5 years completed with supported given by MMF

Since the unit’s inception, over 5,000 procedures have been successfully performed here, including upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, SVE and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.

Last year, the Endoscopy Department of the hospital was overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients. So, in continuation with our contribution to upgrade Sassoon General Hospital, Mukul Madhav Foundation provided an endoscopic machine on May 20th, 2022. It benefits around 120 people per month.

To mark the fifth year of the Endoscopy Department, the Sassoon General Hospital team hosted a small get-together on March 4th, 2023, where they felicitated Team MMF and thanked us for our contribution. Among those present were Dr Sanjeev Thakur, Dean of Sassoon General Hospital; Dr Vinay Thorat, Gastroenterologist, Dr Deepak Borse, Head of the Medicine Department, Dr Shankar Nagnath, faculty member of the Medicine Department, staff members of the Endoscopy Department and Yasmin Shaikh and Yogesh Rokade from Team MMF.

  • Training sessions in healthcare for ASHA workers in Satara

Training sessions in healthcare for ASHA workers in Satara

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Symbiosis College of Nursing and Family Planning Association of India)

An Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) is a community worker employed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as part of India’s National Rural Health Mission. We organise training sessions for these healthcare workers in rural areas to enable access to better healthcare for vulnerable communities.

Since 2018, we have trained 1,020 ASHA workers from 27 Primary Healthcare Centres across Satara District in prenatal and postnatal pregnancy, and Golden Hour training after the pandemic. The Golden Hour is the time right after delivery when the mother and her baby must have uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact for at least a couple of hours, as long as they’re both well.

We conducted our first training session at the Panchayat Samiti in the Satara District on March 1st, 2023, for 143 ASHA workers. This session on prenatal and postnatal pregnancy, and vasectomy was held in collaboration with Symbiosis College of Nursing, Pune, and the Family Planning Association of India.

Inauguration of Palliative Care Unit at Sreeram Cancer Trust in Kanyakumari

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

In our endeavour to ease the lives of Cancer patients, we collaborated with Sreeram Cancer Trust in Kanyakumari to set up a Palliative Care Unit that provides a home care vehicle to enable free healthcare via home visits.

On Feb 23rd, 2023, we inaugurated the Palliative Care Unit in the presence of PN Sridhar, District Collector of Kanyakumari; Muthukumar S Iyer, Zonal Manager, Finolex Industries Ltd; and Senthil Kumar, Managing Trustee, Sriram Cancer Trust.

The objective is to provide patients who are bedridden or unable to travel long distances, either due to physical issues or financial constraint, with the same care at home. With this program, Sreeram Cancer Trust will expand its outreach to 65 villages across two talukas, namely Rajakkamangalam and Thovala, in Kanyakumari District.

  • Inauguration of Palliative Care Unit at Sreeram Cancer Trust in Kanyakumari

  • Team of doctor, team MMF and Golf course team

Medical check-up for the caddies at Poona Club Golf Course in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Smt Kashibai Navale Hospital and HV Desai Eye Hospital)

At Mukul Madhav Foundation, we look for ways to support the underserved. So we responded to a request from the Poona Club Golf Course in Yerwada, Pune, for a health check-up for their caddies who support the club members when they’re playing golf.

In collaboration with Smt Kashibai Navale Hospital and HV Desai Eye Hospital, we organised a medical camp for the caddies on February 20th, 2023. We screened 123 caddies from the ages of 25 to 60 years for potential health disorders. The doctors recommended ENT treatment to 39 caddies, cataract surgery for 17 caddies, refraction error for 30 caddies, general medicine for 19 caddies and dental assessment for 79 caddies. Team MMF will refer these caddies to the right hospitals for treatment.

Geriatric camp organised at the Primary Healthcare Centre at Kawate village in Satara

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

Our first geriatric healthcare assessment camp was held at Shirwal in the Satara District in December 2022. In continuation with this initiative to provide healthcare support to senior citizens, we organised the second geriatric camp at the Primary Healthcare Centre at Kawate village in Satara district, Maharashtra.

We screened 162 senior citizens. Of these, 17 patients were referred to dental treatment, 30 to ENT treatment, more than 70 to physiotherapy and orthopaedic treatment, and 35 to eye treatment – 9 were recommended cataract surgery while 26 patients were advised a pair of spectacles.

During this camp, the senior citizens were also given a basic medical assessment such as checking sugar levels, blood pressure levels, orthopaedic, physiotherapy, ENT, dental, gynaecological check-up, eye screening and psychiatric analysis.

  • Geriatric camp organised at the Primary Healthcare Centre at Kawate village in Satara

  • New initiative to support Diabetic patients in Jalgaon

New initiative to support Diabetic patients in Jalgaon

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Homecare Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic)

We have initiated a new healthcare project to support juvenile and adult diabetic patients in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. We have collaborated with Homecare Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic at Jalgaon to support 39 Type 1 Diabetic patients for insulin and blood tests on a monthly basis.

We began this project on February 12th, 2023, in the presence of Dr Ajinkya Patil, Consultant, Paediatric Endocrinologist, Sriniwas Warade, the local representative from Finolex Industries Ltd, and Team HPAD.

We hope to be able to reach out to many more Diabetic patients in the region so that they can avail this healthcare service.

Adoption of children for the treatment of clubfoot at hospitals in Jamnagar and Gandhinagar, Gujarat

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Cure India)

Children with the clubfoot defect have difficulty walking due to their twisted or out of shape limbs. We thought that we should help ease their life.
So we recently adopted 40 children for the treatment of clubfoot at two hospitals across two cities in Gujarat with the support of our implementation partner, Cure India. The treatment for clubfoot involves surgery and physiotherapy, which we will provide to these children.

We adopted 20 children at the Guru Govind Sinh Government Hospital in Jamnagar in the presence of Mukesh Kakadia, our representative from Finolex Industries Ltd and Mukul Madhav Foundation. We approached Ms Rita for more information about this birth defect and to understand its treatment options. We also interacted with the parents of the beneficiaries to understand their socio-economic situation better.

  • Adoption of children for the treatment of clubfoot at hospitals in Jamnagar and Gandhinagar, Gujarat

On February 7th, 2023, these 20 children underwent surgery and were presented with orthopaedic devices post-surgery. The doctors overlooking this project are Dr Vijaya Sata, HOD, along with Dr Deepak and Dr Nihal, who will follow up each month to check on the children’s progress.

We also took forward the clubfoot treatment project in another city in Gujarat on the same day.

Nitul Barot from Team MMF visited the Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society (GEMERS) Hospital in Gandhinagar. We adopted another group of 20 children afflicted with clubfoot for treatment along with implementation partner Cure India. He met with Dr Mitul Mistry, HOD, Orthopaedic Department and Dr Sunny, Orthopaedic Surgeon at GEMERS Hospital, along with Mrs Mallika Chavda from Team Cure India in Gandhinagar, and the parents of the beneficiaries. He showcased the exemplary work done by Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation to the parents and doctors, and tried to better understand the socio-economic background of these afflicted children.

Most of these children with clubfoot came from low-income, underprivileged families with parents who are farm labourers, security service providers and other such odd jobs in villages around Gandhinagar.

Of these 20 children, a total of 15 underwent surgery at GMERS Hospital on February 7th, 2023. Team Cure India will follow up every month with these parents in adherence to the treatment plan for each child’s affliction.

Cure India is known for their efficiency with follow-ups, which has brought them wonderful results. We are thankful for their support.

  • Support to the Sri Lankan government with a consignment of medicines

Support to the Sri Lankan government with a consignment of medicines

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Ashok Leyland and British Association for Physicians of Indian Origin)

Sri Lanka has been going through an economic crisis. As the people and the government look for solutions to get back on their feet, the global community is reaching out with support and love. We at Mukul Madhav Foundation too, have tried to help in whatever small way that we can.

BAPIO (British Association for Physicians of Indian Origin) reached out to us in response to a medical appeal from the Sri Lankan government for the people of Sri Lanka. Acting on behalf of Finolex Industries Ltd, we responded immediately, and together with BAPIO, were able to gather funds, collect the required medicines and dispatch them to Sri Lanka in good time. Ashok Leyland supported our efforts with on-ground delivery of the medicines in Sri Lanka.

This consignment of medicines was ceremonially handed over on February 6th, 2023, to the Honourable Minister of Health, Keheliya Rambukwella, in the presence of the Secretary, Ministry of Health; Director General, Ministry of Health and senior doctors from the Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health thanked us for this great initiative and appreciated the support from Mukul Madhav Foundation, Finolex Pipes and BAPIO. He assured that this consignment will be utilised only for needy patients who cannot afford treatment due to non-availability and the high cost of medicines.

Ms Irina Takur, First Secretary, Commercial at the Indian High Commission also graced the occasion along with Umesh Gautam, Chief Executive Officer, Sri Lanka – Ashok Leyland.

We are grateful for this opportunity to make a difference, and for the partnership of BAPIO and the support of our dear friends at Ashok Leyland. We are happy to see our relationship with BAPIO grow. We hope to further this special relationship with BAPIO that began with us partnering to deliver oxygen concentrators from the UK to India in 2021.

Supporting a breast cancer awareness workshop in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Prashanti Cancer Care, Orchids Breast Health, International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Jehangir Hospital and Breast Global)

Mukul Madhav Foundation has been supporting cancer awareness initiatives for over 15 years. From conducting regular screening camps across rural India, supporting hospitals with mammography machines and offering financial assistance to patients for chemotherapy, radiation and other support, we have always actively looked for ways to support these patients.

Among our cancer-related initiatives, we have also supported world-class research on the genetic profiling of the disease in collaboration with the Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, University College London, Cambridge University, and National Cancer Institute, UK.

  • Supporting a breast cancer awareness workshop in Pune

We are proud to have continued this journey by supporting a workshop on Breast Cancer Surgery in Pune, Maharashtra, as platinum sponsors, to mark #WorldCancerDay on February 4th, 2023. This cancer awareness workshop was a collaboration with Prashanti Cancer Care, Orchids Breast Health, International School of Oncoplastic Surgery, Jehangir Hospital and Breast Global.

Conducted by renowned national and international faculty, it enabled knowledge-sharing to fight breast cancer. The objective was to suitably inform the cancer patients supported by Prashanti Cancer Care and Mukul Madhav Foundation so that they are equipped to deal with their ailment better.

  • Agreement signing with the prashanti cancer care team

Support to Cancer Care Awareness in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Prashanti Cancer Care Mission)

Cancer patients need all the support they can get, given the physical and emotional toll of the ailment. On account of World Cancer Day on February 4th, 2023, we have organised a conference on Breast Oncology for young Indian doctors, in collaboration with Prashanti Cancer Care Mission. Our agreement was signed in the presence of Dr Chaitanyanand B Koppiker, MBBS, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery & MS, General Surgery.

This three-day medical conference is scheduled to take place from February 3rd to February 5th, 2023, at The Corinthians Club in Pune and will be widely attended by specialised healthcare professionals. The theme of the conference is Partial and Total Reconstruction.

Program Highlights

  • Multidisciplinary Tumour Board by National and International Faculty
  • Surgical mark-up with a live model
  • Virtual Live Surgical training
  • Session on Oncoplastic techniques
  • Lectures on partial and total breast reconstruction
  • Radiology hands-on training
  • Medical and Radiation Oncology session

The objective of this conference is to educate young Indian breast surgeons about advanced surgical techniques.

We have invited the esteemed faculty from Europe and UK along with national experts to conduct this conference. It is focused on enhancing problem-based learning and addressing all the practical issues that breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and researchers regularly face in their practice. The highlight, however, is the knowledge sharing of new innovative techniques. We will also allow maximum time for the participating doctors to interact with the expert speakers to enable better understanding.

Support to a juvenile diabetic project in Jalgaon, Maharashtra

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Homecare Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic)

In keeping with our commitment to support the healthcare needs of children, we offered support to the Juvenile Diabetic Project in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. We collaborated with Homecare Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic, Jalgaon, to support 39 Type 1 Diabetic patients for insulin and blood tests on a monthly basis.

On January 13th, 2023, we signed an agreement with HPAD Clinic in the presence of Dr Ajinkya Patil, Consultant, Paediatric Endocrinologist; Dr Chittaranjan Yajnik, Director, Diabetes Unit, KEM Hospital, Pune; and Team MMF.

  • Homecare Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic, Jalgaon

  • Agreement signing with PD Hinduja Hospital Banglore

Agreement to support a hospital with a CT Scan facility and Diabetes Injectors in Bangalore

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

In continuation with our support towards healthcare facilities for needy patients from the lower socio-economic bracket, we signed an agreement with the P. D. Hinduja Hospital in Bangalore to provide Diabetes Injectors and a CT Scan facility at nominal charges.

The event took place in the presence of the hospital’s Director, Dr T Chandrashekhar; Chairperson, Bills of Materials & President of School Year Abroad, Dr Sanjay Bajaj; and Team MMF. The hospital is known for providing reliable health services to socio-economically backward patients.

Support to Cancer patients in Kanyakumari

(Backed by Finolex, Supported by Sreeram Cancer Trust)

Of our many healthcare initiatives, care for patients in rural areas is perhaps the most crucial. So we collaborated with Sreeram Cancer Trust, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, to provide support to cancer patients who are bedridden and cannot travel long distances due to physical or financial constraints. The objective of this program is to provide these patients with healthcare at home.

We signed an agreement with Sreeram Cancer Trust, Kanyakumari, in the presence of Senthil Kumar, Managing Trustee of SCT, Nagaraju, the local representative of Finolex Industries Ltd, and Team MMF. We aim to support cancer patients with a Palliative Care Unit to enable them to provide free healthcare facilities for home care and a vehicle for home visits.

With this program, SCT will reach out to cancer patients in 65 villages that are part of two talukas in the Kanyakumari district, namely Rajakkamangalam and Thovala.

  • Agreement sigin done with the kanyakumari team

  • Senior citizen examined by doctors

First post-pandemic geriatric health camp in Satara

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

In continuation with our work in geriatric healthcare, we conducted our first post-pandemic geriatric health camp at Primary Health Care (PHC) Shirwal in Satara.

We screened a total of 163 patients, of which 17 were referred to dental treatment, 17 to cataract surgery, 22 to ENT treatment and more than 50 to physiotherapy and orthopaedic treatment. During this session, senior citizens were evaluated for their sugar levels, blood pressure, physiotherapy and orthopaedic issues, ENT, dental health, psychiatric health, gynaecological issues and eye health.

We will follow up with these patients to provide them with medicines and arrange for another health camp in six months.

Health camp for the police in Shivaji Nagar, Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by Sassoon General Hospital)

As a gesture of gratitude to our hardworking police force, we organised a health camp at the Police HQ at Shivaji Nagar in Pune. This benefitted a total of 129 police officers. We conducted a blood test (CBC, sugar and lipid profile) and an orthopaedic check, in addition to a general health check-up. Physiotherapy sessions and orthopaedic treatment were prescribed to ten officers.

The health camp took place in the presence of PI Baviskar, PI Dharshat Hatakar and other police officers and their families.

  • Medical test done for the police officers

  • Thalassemia testing done by the Indira college students

Creating Thalassemia awareness with blood tests and counselling sessions in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

Our Thalassemia awareness initiative started in September 2022 and has made quite an impact on a few patients and their families.

In December 2022, we have conducted 330 blood tests and counselling sessions for 7 Thalassemia minor patients and prescribed medication for anaemia, sickle cell and iron deficiency issues.

On December 18th, 2022, during a Thalassemia awareness session at Indira College of Management in Pune, we also conducted 145 blood tests to check for Thalassemia.

Upgrade healthcare and safe drinking water facilities in Jejuri, Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

In continuation with our support towards healthcare and safe drinking water facilities, we provided four dialysis units and two water coolers on December 13th, 2022.

We recently received an appeal for support with dialysis units from Shri Martand Devasthan Trust, Jejuri temple authorities, who also run the Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Dialysis and Diagnostic Centre in Jejuri, Pune.

We responded by supporting them with 4 dialysis units after due diligence and ensured that the centre has authorised and trained staff to cater to the needs of these patients.

  • Dialysis machine at jejuri mandir

In addition, we provided 2 RO water coolers to the temple to provide safe drinking water to the visitors of Jejuri temple.

These were inaugurated and handed over to the concerned parties to commemorate the wedding anniversary of the Late Smt Mohini and Late Shri PP Chhabria on December 13th, 2022.

The event took place in the presence of Shri Rajkumar Lodha, Shri Shivraj Zagade, Shri Prasad Shinde, Sandip Jagtap, Shri Ashok Sankpal and Shri Rajendra Jagtap, members of the Jejuri temple committee. Also in attendance were Mr Avinash Bamanikar from Finolex Industries Ltd, Mr Sachin Goel from Vardi Makers and Jitendra Jadhav from Team MMF.

  • People from Dehu at Oplthal Camp

Donation of an ophthalmic machine to Dehu OPD

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd)

Due to the pandemic, Sassoon General Hospital closed its Out Patient Department. Now that the situation is beginning to normalise, we have collaborated with the Sassoon General Hospital and Gatha mandir to recommence the monthly ophthalmic clinic on Wednesdays.

We have donated an Enqueue ophthalmic machine to the Dehu OPD to enable eye check-up services for pilgrims and the rural population in Dehu and its surrounding villages.

To generate awareness about this service in Dehu, we conducted an eye check-up screening camp at Primary Health Care (PHC) Dehu.

On December 7th, 2022, we screened a total of 109 patients. We identified 26 patients for cataract surgery, 17 for refraction error, and more than 30 for infection itching and other age-related issues such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract.

Blood donation camps for Thalassemia patients in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries Ltd, Supported by KEM Hospital)

We organised a blood donation camp in collaboration with KEM Hospital to support thalassemia patients and collected 87 blood bags from Agriculture College, Pune. We are grateful to the students, faculty and other donors who supported and participated in this blood donation camp.

The management expressed its gratitude to Team MMF and applauded team members who donated blood to support this noble cause.

  • Donors provided with the Blood for Thallasemia patients

  • Cancer patient supported with monthly ration at home in Bangalore

Supported Cancer and HIV-affected patients in Bangalore, Karnataka

(Backed by Finolex Industries, Supported by Sahaya Hasta Trust, Bangalore)

Sahaya Hastha Charitable Trust educates and empowers underprivileged children from urban slums in Bangalore and supports them until they are gainfully employed. The Trust identified Cancer and HIV-affected patients and requested us to support their monthly groceries.

Post due diligence, we started supporting 42 such patients with their monthly ration. We began on October 13th, 2022, in the presence of Ms Roopamouli, President of Sahaya Hasta Charitable Trust, Bangalore, and Mr Rahul, who represents Finolex in Bangalore.

Our objective to collaborate with the Sahaya Hasta Charitable Trust was that it will increase the confidence of these patients and improve their mental well-being. Also, we hope that the prevalence of malnutrition will be lower in children, adults and the elderly.

Supported 500 visually impaired poor persons with cataract surgeries in Jharkhand

(Backed by Finolex Industries, Supported by Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Jharkhand)

We have been consistently tackling the issue of deteriorating eyesight among senior patients who are unable to afford cataract surgery. In collaboration with Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Jharkhand, we regularly organise screenings for adults to detect cataract problems and provide transport, lodging and boarding to facilitate the surgeries and post-operative care.

One such cataract screening was conducted on September 30th, 2022, at Hazaribagh in Jharkhand. To date, we have together supported 1,100 senior citizens from Jharkhand with their cataract surgeries since 2018.

  • Doctors helping senior citizen with Eye check and cataract

  • Dr.lisa was felicitated by Teacher

Thalassemia Awareness sessions for students and the youth in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

With the support and coordination of the Thalassemia Society of Pune Chapter and Dr. Nita Munshi, Professor, Head and Director of the Laboratories at Ruby Hall Hospital, Pune, we organised Thalassemia awareness sessions for youth and students.

Students are also being tested for Thalassemia with parental consent, supported by Jankalyan Blood Bank which is offering blood tests and test reports. Supervised by Vice Principal Dr. Arachan and Mr. Kelkar, 116 girl students had attended the session on September 6th, 2022, at Shri Siddhivinayak Mahila Mahavidyalaya.

Another Thalassemia awareness session was held on September 12th, 2022, in the presence of Vice Principal Dr. Asmita Dani and Mrs. Joshi, at Tilak Vidyapeeth was attended by 206 girls and boys.

The Jankalyan Blood Bank team had set up a stall for blood testing at both these colleges, and a total of 268 blood samples were collected.

We are grateful to the Jankalyan Blood Bank for this support and thank like-minded professionals in the medical fraternity for having facilitated these sessions.
Special thanks to Dr. Nita Munshi and Dr. Lisa, who are spearheading these sessions and Yasmin Shaikh from MMF, who has been instrumental in planning, coordination and execution of these sessions.

These sessions were a part of our ongoing efforts to support Thalassemia patients. We also provide medicines and filters pan India on a monthly basis to these patients – a five-year-old initiative, which is a collaboration with The Wishing Factory, Masar, Gujarat; Thalassemia Society of Pune Chapter, Pune; Bharathi Hospital, Pune and the Indian Red Cross, Pune.

Supported Geriatric Health Camp in Takari Village, Sangli District, Maharashtra

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

Geriatric health needs a lot of attention, especially in rural India. So we conduct regular check-ups to offer support to the villagers, such as blood pressure and sugar tests. On September 7th, 2022, 258 patients, spanning five to seventy years, were screened at the Takari village camp by paediatrics, orthopaedics and general physicians.

Dr. Vani, Dr. Ravind Vora (Paediatrician), Dr. Sachin Shah (Paediatrician), Dr. Udaghavakar (Orthopaedic), Dr. Ravindra, Dr. Sandip Patil, Dr. Ajit Modak (Orthopaedic), the orthopaedic doctors from Krishna hospital, Karad Satara, Civil Surgeon, Medical officer, ASHA worker from PHC Takari and Borgaon. They were ably assisted by our team members from Ratnagiri, Satara and Pune.

  • Dr. Arvind Shah and Civil Surgeon from Sangali inaugurated and started the Camp

More than a hundred patients were identified as having cold/ cough and four children with Cerebral Palsy. Others were identified with orthopaedic issues, and more than 170 patients were screened for diabetes and blood pressure.

  • Camp organised for children with clubfoot distribution in Chennai

Camp organised for children with clubfoot distribution in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

(Backed by Finolex Industries, in collaboration with Cure International India (CIIT))

Nearly 200,000 babies with clubfoot are born each year, mostly from low and middle-income countries. While the cause of this defect is unknown, children with clubfoot are usually healthy as it does not cause any discomfort or pain despite its appearance. It can be treated using techniques like stretching and casting (Ponseti method) or stretching and taping (French method), with surgery in certain cases.

As part of our ongoing initiatives to support the differently-abled over the last decade, we recently responded to an appeal from ClubFoot India to aid the requirements of 50 children in Gujarat, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Established in 2009, Club Foot India supports families with their children’s clubfoot treatment defects and inspires action to eradicate disabilities through Government partnerships.

In collaboration with Cure India International, a charitable healthcare NGO, we organised a camp on 6th August 2022, at the Institute of Child Health in Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in the presence of Mr. Balaji and Mr. Anand Kumar from FIL. With this initiative, we are effectively catering to the medical needs of 50 children with clubfoot at these locations across three states to help them and their families lead a dignified life:

  • GMERS Medical College and Hospital in Himmatnagar and Dharpur Patan, Gujarat (15 children each)
  • Institute of Child Health in Chennai Tamil Nādu (10 Children)
  • Government General Hospital in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (10 Children)

Health and nutrition programmes in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

With the support of FIL, we have associated with Saathi, an NGO in Junnar, for the health and nutrition project under the Integrated Child Development Department in Pune to meet the nutritional requirements of mothers and children. As part of the program, three months ago, we identified ten villages where we started monitoring the weight and height of the children. Parents received information about the nutritional status of their children through a community growth chart.

A three-day workshop titled ‘Strengthening Community Action for Nutrition’ was conducted on 26th July with the support of the ICDS Department, where 55 women learnt more about breastfeeding techniques and how to manage the nutritional components of diet for a newborn child. The workshop was held in the presence of Smt. Nirmala Kuchik, Child Development Project Officer, Dr. Varsha Gadve, Medical Officer of Health Department, and Dr. Ghorpade, Medical Officer at RBSK.

  • The assessment done for the children on Nutrition

  • Bharati Hospital Team Felicitated Team MMF

Ongoing infrastructural support to Bharati Hospital in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

Over the last ten years, FIL and MMF have been supporting Bharati Hospital with their infrastructural needs for cataract surgeries, treatment of cancer and thalassemia patients, premature babies, and orthopaedics. The medical team from Bharati Hospital has actively participated in our healthcare camps by offering support with physiotherapy, speech therapy, and neurodevelopment. In March 2022, we established the Human Milk Bank as part of the neonatal support provided to the hospital.

On 26th July 2022, to support the medical needs of the women patients and the larger community with timely diagnosis, we donated a mammography machine. Dr. C B Koppiker, a renowned Oncoplastic surgeon, graced the event as the Chief Guest in the presence of Mrs. Laleh Bhusheri, CEO-Prashanti Cancer Centre, Mrs. Vijaymala Patangrao Kadam, Dr. Asmita Jagtap, Dr. Sanjay Lalwani and his team from Bharati hospital, as well as representatives from MMF.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Vedula, Ms. Soumya Iyer, Ms. Vidya Farande, and Ms. Smita Patwardhan from Finolex Industries for taking the time to be present at the event.

MMF and FIL have supported several hospitals across India with their infrastructure requirements, training sessions for healthcare professionals, treatment for needy patients, and with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Blood donation camps held in Pune to create awareness around Thalassemia

(Backed by Finolex Industries, Supported by Inlaks Budhrani and Jankalyan Blood Banks)

Donating blood helps save lives, especially for thalassemia patients who depend on regular blood transfusions (every two to five weeks), all through their life.

With the support of FIL and the local blood banks, we organised blood donation camps at the Agriculture College (on 25th July) and B T Shahani School (on 26th July) in Pune to support this cause. Most importantly, the camp created awareness around the need for blood donations to aid those suffering from thalassemia.

  • Agriculture students helping in the thalassemia awareness program with blood donation

In collaboration with Inlaks Budhrani Blood Bank, we collected 50 blood bags from B T Shahani School in Pune. We also collected 88 blood bags from Agriculture College in Pune in collaboration with Jankalyan Blood Banks, thereby arranging for a total of 138 blood bags.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the students, faculty, parents, other donors, and our team members who stepped in to support this noble cause.

  • Health Camp for the senior citizen started

Health camp organised for two hundred senior citizens in Pune

(Backed by Finolex Industries, supported by Sky Healthcare and Sanjeevani Hospital)

To commemorate the birthday of Shri Devendra Fadanvis, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, a health camp was conducted on 22nd July 2022, where over two hundred senior citizens were assessed. This was in response to an appeal we had earlier received from Mr. Sandeep Khardekar, Director of Creative Foundation, to screen the health conditions of senior citizens residing in Karve Road, Pune, who lack the means to get an assessment done.

The health camp was conducted in the presence of Mr. Jagdish Mulik, President-BJP Party, Pune City, Ms. Manjushree Khardekar of Creative Foundation, and representatives of MMF. We are grateful for the support from Dr. Mandar Dev of Sky Healthcare Hospital and Dr. Mandar Ranade, Gynecologist of Sanjeevani Hospital, who conducted the blood tests, ECG, eye tests, and complete health checkups for senior citizens who visited. This included assessing any gynaecological requirements of elderly women.

International Medical Conference (MediACE) organised for doctors in Maharashtra

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

On 7th July 2022, MediACE – an International Level Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical Conference was organised by MMF, with the support of FIL, in Smt. Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital. A total of 800 doctors from across Maharashtra registered for the conference to encourage and motivate medical students, Residents and Doctors and help them express themselves professionally.

The conference included a host of workshops on the basics of fractures and attending local injuries with a focus on splints and plasters. Moreover, there were sessions by experts on Laparoscopy techniques and on the intricate art of suturing for those pursuing surgery.

  • Medi-Ace Conference doctors

While the conference focused on case presentations, the short film contest was another highlight which showcased their dramatics, writing, directing, cinematography and editing talents. The overall feedback from the doctors who attended the conference was positive as they noted how well organised it was with ample time for networking.

  • Start of blood donation camp

Blood donation camps organised in Maharashtra and Gujarat to commemorate World Blood Donors Day

(Driven by Finolex Industries, Supported by Indian Red Cross Society (Ratnagiri, Maharashtra), Dhwani Blood Centre (Vadodara, Gujarat), and Sassoon General Hospital (Pune, Maharashtra))

Millions of lives each year are saved with the help of blood donation enabling patients suffering from life-threatening health conditions to live longer. As part of the World Blood Donor Day initiative this year, blood donation camps were organised across Maharashtra by FIL and MMF in association with the Indian Red Cross Society (Ratnagiri), Dhwani Blood Centre, Vadodara (Gujarat) and Sassoon General Hospital Pune. Locations included Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya (MMV), FIL offices and plants in Ratnagiri, Pune and Gujarat, and the Finolex Housing Colony in Ratnagiri, with all physical distancing and safety measures in place.

A total of 290 blood bag units were collected across all locations, and the camp successfully raised awareness about the importance of donating blood at regular intervals. Blood donors at all locations included teachers and parents of students at MMV, FIL employees, family and friends. Each of them were awarded certificates by the respective medical facilities to acknowledge their support of this noble cause.

Organised a health and well-being camp for drivers and ancillary staff of Finolex Industries

(Supported by H V Desai Hospital, Backed by Finolex Industries)

Mukul Madhav Foundation, the CSR partner of Finolex Industries, organised an Optometry and general health and well-being camp for drivers and ancillary staff of Finolex Industries in collaboration with H V Desai Hospital on 12th and 15th April.

H V Desai Hospital supported this camp with their fully-equipped mobile van and medical team in two locations – Finolex Industries Ltd Corporate Office in Chinchwad, and Finolex Industries plant in Urse.

A total of 145 (62 from Chinchwad and 83 from Urse) individuals underwent these checkups. Further assistance, as needed, was provided by Mukul Madhav Foundation.

We intend to continue these camps with the help of H V Desai Hospital, and provide holistic healthcare in the years to come.

  • Eye check-up for the divers at Chinchwad

  • Sassoon hospital is supported laptop from MMF team

Mukul Madhav Foundation continues to support and upgrade facilities at the Sassoon Hospital

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

When we took our first steps 20 years ago, we decided to update, upgrade and uplift infrastructure that had deteriorated with neglect, in whatever way we could. In August 2017, we donated the cutting edge equipment – ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) to screen babies for early detection of blindness before discharge.

However, there was still looming risk in having to shift the babies from NICU every time for this diagnosis. MMF bridged this gap by providing a laptop on 3rd January, 2022, to streamline access to the ROP machine. Now the laptop can be carried into the NICU, instead of moving the fragile little life.

Extended support to Dental and Eye health check-up camp in Gujarat

(Funded by Finolex Industries and Narendra Kholwadiya ,Finolex Dealer-Palanpur (Gujarat Multi Trade Co))

Our motto is to work in society, with society and for society; in keeping with this spirit we gave our full support to various health check camps in Gujarat.

These camps were exclusively arranged for plumbers, who, until then, were not given priority when it came to their health and medical needs. Around 197 people registered for the camp and on 9th February, 2022, MMF, in association with Finolex Industries and Narendra Kholwadiya ,Finolex Dealer-Palanpur (Gujarat Multi Trade Co) , pledged to support the plumbers’ community with further treatments related to eye and dental issues.

The community was grateful and thanked the collaboration for keeping an eye out for them.

  • Health camp for plumber at Palanpur

  • ECG machine given to BAPS Vadodara

Donated one ECG machine to the BAPS Swaminarayan Institute, Vadodara

(Funded by Finolex Industries)

The BAPS Swaminarayan Institute, which runs a multi-specialty hospital in Vadodara, has more than 50 Covid beds, an ICU, an NICU, and many operation theatres. This hospital has also been empanelled as an emergency hospital for the employees of Finolex Industries Limited in Masar.

BAPS hospital had put in a request for an ECG machine and Mukul Madhav Foundation decided to do the needful by strengthening the hospital infrastructure by donating the ECG machine on 2nd November 2021.

Supported MindScope in organising a Mental Health Film Festival

(Funded by Finolex Industries)

At MMF, we believe that everyone has the power to save a life, and for the past four years, we have extended our support to Mindscope in organising a film festival that explores the various topics of mental health.

The theme for 2021 was “Finding a Reason to Stay – About Suicide and Suicide Prevention’ – and we left no stone unturned to aid in the successful running of this film festival.

It was our attempt to delve into and understand the various psychological and socio-economic impacts of the pandemic, and how creating hope and awareness about suicide prevention can go a long way in helping to save lives.

The films were showcased online on the 19th of December, 2021, and created quite a hopeful stir in the community.

  • Mental health day

Upgrading and Uplifting Healthcare Facilities

  • Sonali Ward NICU

KEM Hospital, Pune

To make quality paediatric care accessible and affordable for all, we have had a working partnership and ongoing interaction to support and upgrade facilities at KEM, Pune. Primarily, with the paediatric OPD, baby ward, the paediatric and the Neonatal Intensive Care Units. 

In addition to this, we have been instrumental in upgrading the nurses and doctors’ rooms, creating a toy room equipped with educational materials and toys dedicated to the paediatric unit to make children experience medical procedures in a therapeutic manner using time off for play and recreation. Adding to this, we provide medical assistance to deserving patients through the Life Care Chemist at KEM on a monthly basis. 

In 2018, we had added 2 pieces of life-saving medical equipment to the PICU: 

  • Nanoduct: A Neonatal Sweat Analysis System that makes reliable laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in the initial days of life.  
  • A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) system: This is an analytical technique that uses the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum to assess the oxygenation of different tissues. 

Since 2008, we have initiated a fellowship grant for interns at the paediatric unit, KEM. On a yearly basis, new interns are recruited by the KEM authorities and part-funded by us. 

A free monthly diabetic screening camp started in 2016 at KEM for children. Monthly blood tests and insulin vials are provided to deserving patients. Sixty camps have been conducted since 2016 supporting 720 patients so far. 

A unique service is provided at the paediatric unit, where MMF has a stationed caregiver to liaise between this unit and MMF management.

Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), Pune

23rd August 2022: Expanding our support towards Sassoon General Hospital.

(Backed by Finolex Industries, in association with Sassoon General Hospital, Pune)

Dental hygiene is an important initiative undertaken at MMF considering its serious implications on oral health, especially in reducing tooth decay and gum disease. This includes ongoing camps organised through our outreach initiatives and training sessions for dental professionals at regular intervals.

On 23rd August 2022, we organised a training session for 11 doctors and nurses on laser treatment demonstrations at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in Pune. Dr. Vikram Khare, (MDS) Oral Medicine and Radiology and Professor, and Dr. Lata Gangurde, Head of Dental Department at DY Patil College, conducted the session on the daily use and procedures of laser machines. A follow-on refresher and demo session will be held by Dr Vikram Khare in a month at the Sassoon General Hospital.

  • Dental Trainer at Sassoon Hospital for the advance dental training

Our association with the SGH dates to four years earlier, when we responded to an appeal, with the support of Mr. and Mrs. Janak Dwarkadas, to upgrade the dental unit at the hospital. Thanks to this initiative, on 11th May 2018, SGH became the first government hospital to house a dental laser treatment unit where over 2500 patients have benefited from dental procedures, and over 50 successful and affordable dental implants have been conducted to date.

  • Endoscopic machine inauguration done by Sandip Khardekar

Donation of new Endoscopy machine at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune.

(Donated by FIL and its CSR partner MMF)

On 20th May 2022, Mukul Madhav Foundation provided the Sassoon General Hospital with an Endoscopic machine. The Endoscopy department at the hospital was overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients, so this contribution helps in continuing the upgradation of the hospital. The machine was inaugurated in the presence of various esteemed members of the hospital, along with representatives of MMF.

5 years completion of the NICU at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

The NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Sassoon General Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra completed 5 years this year, benefiting over 12,000 babies who have needed this care.

Through these years, we have continuously monitored the functioning of the systems, and ensured that any maintenance or replacement needs are immediately met, and a full time neonatologist appointed. We are truly dedicated to this initiative, and grateful for the trust the hospital and the patients place in us everyday.

  • NICU 5years celebration at sassoon

  • Ophthalmic clinic a Gatha Mandir in Dehu Gaon

Finolex Industries Ltd and its CSR Partner Mukul Madhav Foundation inaugurated ophthalmic clinic at Gatha Mandir in Dehu Gaon , with the support of Sassoon General hospital in 2019

(Funded by FIL)

FIL/MMF donated advance machine for eye checkup at Dehu OPD and started eye checkup services for pilgrims and rural population of the Dehu and surrounding village,

Due to pandemics Sassoon general hospital closed the OPD services and now the Situation came an normal level we have followed with Sassoon general hospital and Gatha mandir to restart the ophthalmic clinic monthly once on Wednesday

On 23rd March 2022, 25 Screening has done and the referral is given to Medicine and for the surgery Sassoon Hospital vehicles will pick up all patients on Saturday and Monday they will drop the patients.

BJ Medical College, Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

In 2012, Mukul Madhav Foundation joined hands with BJ Medical College (BJMC) and its subsidiary, Sassoon General Hospital, a tertiary hospital in western Maharashtra catering to the masses in and around Pune.

The association provided financial assistance to deserving BJMC students and medical assistance to the economically weaker sections of society. 

We support Lift for Upliftment, a unique initiative by BJMC students that offers free NEET coaching to underprivileged students. 

Apart from providing stationery and benches in 2018, we refurbished the reading room of BJMC, which accommodates up to 100 students. 

  • 1st waiting area inauguration at Sasson Hospital 2018

Support for Infrastructure

We realised that families and friends play an instrumental role in providing emotional support to patients undergoing treatments at hospitals. In 2018, MMF, in collaboration with Finolex decided to address their needs and make them comfortable by refurbishing 3 waiting areas equipped with all facilities. We provided them with clean drinking water, lights, charging points, benches to rest, storage spaces, and fans. These areas are continuously supervised by a special attendant deputed by MMF. 

Ongoing support to Sassoon General Hospital continues with essentials like emergency trolley beds, mattresses with bedspreads, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, bedsheets (Solapuri chaddar), and medical essentials in the diabetic unit with monthly glucose strips, and in the labour room providing ongoing consumables.

  • Israel Team visit to Sassoon hospital in 2018

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

In April 2017, we crossed a significant milestone when we inaugurated a 59-bedded state-of-the-art NICU (Neonatal Intensive  Care Unit) equipped with modern life-saving equipment. 

This project was completed in collaboration with Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Trust, Pune and other like-minded corporates like Persistent, Syska, Suzlon, Bank Of Baroda, Finolex Industries, and Cummins.

Recognised by the government of Maharashtra as one of the best units in the state, the NICU has significantly contributed to lowering the infant mortality rate at Sassoon Hospital.  

In August 2017, we donated cutting edge equipment such as ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and OAE (Otoacoustic Emissions) to screen babies for early detection of blindness and deafness, respectively before discharge. These screenings have been made mandatory  at Sassoon Hospital. Since 2019, 2000 children have been screened.  

In collaboration with BJMC, a dedicated neonatologist was appointed by MMF to monitor the well-being of this ward and babies. In 2018, the neonatologist received specialised neurological development training in Mumbai. 

In 2018, on the NICU’s first anniversary, we provided further upgradation with essential medical equipment like an air blender, cold light, and a pulse oximeter to support babies at the golden hour of their birth.

Gastroenterology Department

Regular assistance has been provided to improve the infrastructure by establishing the Gastroenterology Department (5th March 2018) by donating world-class equipment. All procedures are made affordable to benefit the common person. 

This department in Sassoon General Hospital made BJMC the first in Maharashtra to perform the POEM (Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy) procedure, where the food pipe is cut to treat an Achalasia cardiac disorder. Usually costing between Rs. 1.5 – 2 Lakhs in private hospitals, this surgical procedure costs just Rs. 30,000 at Sassoon General Hospital. Since the unit’s inception, over 3,000 procedures including upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, SVE and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography, have been successfully performed.

  • Gastroenterology Department equipment

  • Dental Laser unit inauguration in 2018

Dental Unit Facilities

An appeal was made by MMF to Mr. and Mrs. Janak Dwarkadas to help support and upgrade the dental unit at Sassoon General Hospital. Their wholehearted support made this unit possible. On May 11th, 2018, SGH became the first government hospital to house a dental laser treatment unit. So far, more than 1,500 patients have benefited from dental procedures, and over 50 successful dental implants have been performed at affordable cost since 2018.

Liver Transplant Unit

In April 2018, we established a state-of-the-art, affordable liver transplant unit, the first of its kind in any government hospital in Maharashtra.

This specialised unit offers treatments at a subsidised rate, making them accessible to the common man.

  • Liver Transplant Unit at Sassoon Hospital in 2018


At MMF, we believe in providing quality care to patients, therefore, the ongoing training of doctors and nurses is essential. We regularly invite national and international experts from the medical fraternity to conduct various knowledge-sharing programs for nurses and doctors at the Sassoon General Hospital

  • In February 2019, MMF facilitated a mental health awareness and sensitisation workshop for the nurses at SGH, in collaboration with Concern for Mental Health, UK.
  • In May 2018, MMF conducted a 3-day training programme for 170 nurses on administrative and clinical role of the sister in charge of the NNU, infection prevention practices (including care of IV lines, PICC, umbilical lines), drug administration practices, skin care protocols in neonates, respiratory care and nutrition management in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). This was conducted by Dr Deepa Panjwani, Dr Venkatesh Kairamkonda and Sr Nurse Elsie Kumar, from University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust – a tertiary teaching hospital in East Midlands, UK.

  • Dr. Deepa Panjwani nurses training at Sassoon hospital

  • In September 2019, MMF organised training sessions on the importance of infection control in the ICU, birth asphyxia, paediatric surgery, radiation and antibiotic policy for NICU nurses and doctors, conducted by Dr Bader, a renowned paediatrician and Mrs Shoris, a senior nurse from Israel. This was kindly organised and initiated by the Israeli consulate and supported by Finolex Industries.
  •  SGH continues to receive our support to address its essential requirements.

Monthly Support to SGH

  • Since 2017, on a monthly basis 1,500 glucose strips are provided to the diabetic unit to support the marginalised sections of our society
  • Since 2017, MMF has been contributing a fixed sum towards the remuneration of a neonatologist
  • Since 2018, MMF has been providing monthly financial support for the medicines needed by NICU patients
  • In March 2020, to support the pandemic 1,000 glucose strips and 10,000 saline bottles were supplied to the COVID at SGH

Mammography Camp

  • Mammography camp at police hospital Pune in 2017

Mammography Camps at Ratnagiri, Satara, and Pune

Since 2014, MMF has conducted mammography camps twice a year, in October and March with the support of Prashanti Cancer Care. Between 2014 and 2018, camps were conducted at Parkar Hospital, Ratnagiri at subsidised rates. 

However, since it was difficult for a majority of  women from the northern parts of the district to participate in these camps, we moved these biannual camps to Walawalkar Hospital in Dervan, Chiplun in 2019.  On a yearly basis, approximately 500 women are screened, supported, and referred for follow-up sessions at subsidised costs, thanks to the support from Finolex Industries. Since 2014, over 4,500 women have been screened in 16 camps.

Since 2019, 140 ASHA workers and ANM nurses have been screened for breast cancer alongside Training in self-examination techniques for breast cancer by Prashanti Cancer Care, Pune, headed by senior oncologist Dr. CB Koppiker in Satara.

In collaboration with Prashanti Cancer Care Centre, Pune, MMF conducted the mammography and Pap smear tests for 35 slum dweller women at Tadiwala slums in 2016. 

In coordination with Prashanti Cancer Care Centre, Pune, MMF conducted  the screening for 167 policewomen and spouses of policemen in 2018.

Financial Assistance to Needy Patients

To help the needy patients, we follow a standard process: 

Step 1: Medical appeals are first received from needy patients from various hospitals around Maharashtra and PAN India

Step 2: Patient and family background verifications are conducted to ascertain their need, while hospital concessions are also checked

Step 3: Funds allocation and disbursal to the right patient 

Till now, 15,936 individuals have been financially supported for different medical treatments.

Health Camps in Schools

We organise health camps and awareness programmes in schools in Pune, Satara, Ratnagiri and Sangli to assess the children’s normal development annually. Early detection of disease or abnormalities, when treated in time, ensures healthy living. 

Medical teams from HV Desai Eye Hospital, Sassoon Hospital, Cochlea Pune, KEM Hospital, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Aditya Birla Hospital in Pune, and Parkar Hospital from Ratnagiri play an active role in these camps. Further follow-ups and support for treatments are provided through Finolex CSR.

We have received an overwhelming response for the initiative, which has benefitted 53 schools and 77,755 children since 2008.

  • Health camps at schools

  • Blood test done at Geriatic camp at Satara in 2019

Geriatric (Senior Citizens) health Camps in Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Satara, Maharashtra

The Mukul Madhav Foundation has been training ASHA/ANM at the PHC level. While working with these PHCs, MMF discovered no specialised healthcare facilities for senior citizens, compelling them to travel to other cities to avail better healthcare services. 

We organised 13 camps in 7 PHCs in 2019–2020, benefiting 1,988 senior citizens. To make these camps a success, we collaborated with hospitals like Sancheti Orthopaedic Hospital, HV Desai Eye Hospital, Bharati Hospital, Sassoon General Hospital, with specialised teams of orthopaedics, physiotherapists, ENT specialists, dentists, gynaecologists, general physicians, and pathologists, also supported by NRHM (National Rural Health Mission), Satara.

Mission Cerebral Palsy

  • CP children supported with the orthotic device

Ongoing support for children with cerebral palsy

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

MMF, with the support of FIL, is dedicated to empowering the differently abled by offering them medical assistance and opportunities to work, study and shine. To bring a positive change in the lives of such individuals, we have supported various causes over the last ten years. Our initiatives range from cochlear implants to aid the visually challenged and those with mental disabilities, supporting individuals facing movement disabilities with their treatment, and Mission Cerebral Palsy, which began in 2015.

In April 2022, we organised a cerebral palsy assessment camp in Ratnagiri, where 159 patients were screened. Apart from surgery and therapy, a few required orthotics, for which we arranged to distribute them to 14 patients in Ratnagiri on 7th July 2022.

Mission Cerebral Palsy: opening of new rehabilitation centres across Maharashtra and Gujarat

Conceived in November 2015, Mission Cerebral Palsy is a very special project for us. Starting with 313 children in Satara, it soon grew to 536 children when it was expanded to Ratnagiri. Despite the impact of the pandemic, camps continued with the support of doctors from Sancheti Orthopaedic Hospital, who shared pre-recorded assessment sessions to play on Zoom calls and local TV channels to reach locations with minimal internet penetration.

Carrying this mission to Gujarat in 2021 with assessment camps, the number of enrolled children has now grown to over 1,000, with 69 surgeries completed. A total of eight rehabilitation centres have been established in Satara, Ratnagiri, and Gujarat, supporting the needs of over 150 patients who visit once or twice a week. Two more centers will commence operations within two months in Chiplun, Maharashtra and Muval, Gujarat.

  • Check up for the children at CP camp

  • Day 1 at CP camp Ratnagiri at Finolex CP center

Reassessment Camp organised for children with Cerebral Palsy

(Backed by Finolex Industries)

To revisit and revive our support to children with Cerebral Palsy, a reassessment camp was organised from 22 to 24 April 2022 at Finolex Rehab Centre, Ratnagiri, reaching out to 159 children in need of medical aid. Professionals from Sancheti Hospital, Bharti Hospital, KEM Hospital and H V Desai Hospital joined the camp to provide assessment and care.

It was heartening to witness the sense of accomplishment on the face of 5 year old Vighnesh Mahesh Majalkar, when he took his first steps. And to see the joy on his mother’s face. Vighnesh, a 5 year old child with CP spastic quadriplegia from Gholap, Ratnagiri, was one of the children who has been improving under the care of Mission Cerebral Palsy, saw a great improvement while at the camp. Unable to sit when he first visited us in 2017, Vighnesh has been able to sit with support and crawl, following regular therapy. After undergoing a surgery of Botox in 2018, Vighnesh is now able to walk and attend regular classes and activities at school. He has also received orthotic devices, physiotherapy and speech therapy through the support of Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation.

The welcome programme arranged by the students of Mukul Madhav Vidyalay was graced by eminent members of the local authorities, doctors and key representatives from four supporting hospitals, all of whom have shown unwavering support towards the cause.

We are grateful to the parents and students who participated in this camp and would like to thank Finolex Industries for their constant support.

Mission Cerebral Palsy

In 2015, our attention was brought towards a very special cause by the authorities in Satara, Maharashtra where 313 children with cerebral palsy were identified and required support. Support not only for special school chairs that the initial request was made for, but for much more to enhance and include these very special children to the mainstream was needed. This is what gave rise to Mission Cerebral Palsy, a movement dedicated to support children with CP in a holistic manner, in every aspect of their lives, to make them mobile, independent and self-reliant. We received wholehearted support and funding through FInolex Industries and medical support and interventions through Sancheti Hospital, Bharati Hospital, Sassoon General Hospital, KEM Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, H.V, Desai eye hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic. Like-minded teams and consent from parents, education officers and authorities over the past 7 years has been encouraging to make this mission successful and inclusive.

  • Physiotherapy provided to CP children by physiotherapists at assessment camps

  • Wheelchair and commode chairs extended to children with CP at Satara

Donations to Zilla Parishad Schools in Satara, Maharashtra, 2015

MMF has successfully donated the following to the Zila Parishad schools:

  • 178 wheelchairs
  • 104 commode chairs
  • 100 cerebral palsy chairs
  • 194 orthotic devices

In addition, we have supported 69 surgeries at subsidised costs at Sancheti Hospital.

As a result of continuous assessments and interventions, 6 rehabilitation centres began, with authorities’ consent, to provide localised support in the form of therapies being available at their doorsteps. Therapy centres opened every week at Satara, Wai, Panchgani, Patan, Chiplun, and Ratnagiri. These centres were identified and allocated along with authorities’ consent at centralised schools and primary health centres. At Ratnagiri, the rehabilitation centre is housed at the Finolex Colony. 

As a part of our support, a professional, certified dietitian is consulted by each child at every step of the assessment. Dr Maitreyi Bokil (MS, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Columbia University, USA) has been working with these children at Satara and Ratnagiri, to ensure they remain healthy and avoid gaining weight. 

We introduced the parents of children with CP and their mothers to Bhagini Nivedita Bank, which is run completely by women, to impart the essential knowledge needed to manage their finances or even start a small business.

Our Greatest Success Story

In 2017, MMF identified two remarkable young women – Ms Priyanka Indalkar, aged 14 years and Ms Aprita Shevde, aged 16. They were both affected by cerebral palsy and had remained lying on the floor for most of their lives. As their parents aged, they became less able to lift them and care for them appropriately. 

We conducted an assessment with consent from their parents. A holistic approach to their treatment was crucial to making these two girls independent. Support started as a surgical intervention followed by extensive physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapy, and orthotics. 

After much hard work, 18 months later, these girls could stand and walk unassisted and showed great potential to become independent. 

A sewing machine, specially designed for the differently-abled, was donated to Arpita along with the necessary training so she could support her mother in a small tailoring business making blouses, petticoats, and such. Her dignity, income and individuality blossomed. 

  • Ms Priyanka Indalkar, aged 14 years has been supported with Surgery and Rehabilitation process with shop.

Priyanka found similar success. Priyanka’s father owned a small food booth, which was converted into a tuck shop by adding a roof. There, she started selling stationery, cosmetics, hair bands, sweets and snacks for the students from the nearby schools. 

MMF also supported both girls as they opened bank accounts and ensured they developed the correct financial know-how to manage their own finances.

  • Physiotherapy session at Ratanagiri CP center in 2018

Mission CP expands to Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

In May 2018, the CEO of Ratnagiri invited MMF to start Mission CP. We established two CP centres – one in Finolex Colony, Ratnagiri, and the other in BKL Walawalkar Hospital, Chiplun. 

We have appointed physiotherapists and speech therapists in Ratnagiri, and patients are taking regular sessions at the centres. A provision of transportation has also been arranged through the DHO of Ratnagiri to bring the patients to the centre.

First CME Conducted in Ratnagiri

MMF conducted its 1st CME (Continuing Medical Education) as a part of Mission Cerebral Palsy – From Disability to Ability on 2nd September 2018 in Ratnagiri. This extensive session included physicians from various medical fields, including obstetricians and gynaecologists talking about the latest medical knowledge regarding preventing CP at the time of birth and treatments and therapies for children with CP. The CME got the support of the Indian Medical Association (,IMA), the only representative voluntary organisation of doctors of the modern scientific system of medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well-being of the community at large.

  • Doctors at CME Ratnagiri in 2018

  • Graduation ceremony for ASHA workers

Training of Nurses and ASHA Workers in Satara

During this journey, MMF and renowned medical professionals brainstormed to find the root cause of CP. This blossomed into a proposal to train ASHA workers (health workers in villages), nurses and ancillary staff in the area of pregnancy and labour. This training shows them how to identify complications and risks during pregnancy and the golden hour after birth to prevent cases of CP. The training is provided by qualified doctors, nurses and other medical team members from the Symbiosis College of Nursing exclusively to the women from the villages of Satara in 2018. 

Till Jan 2020, a total of 1,060 ASHA workers were trained by 26 PHCs in 6 blocks in Satara district. This helped reduce complicated cases and referrals to Pune from rural areas.

MMF has also supported training for ASHA and ANM Nurses in other fields so they can better care for patients in their villages: 

  • Breast Cancer Training in December 2019 in Satara: The training involved teaching self-examination techniques for breast cancer by Prashanti Cancer Care, Pune, headed by senior oncologist Dr CB Kopikar.
  • Vasectomy Training in 2019: Training on vasectomy for Finolex Industries employees and Satara PHCs with the collaboration of the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI) in 2019

Working with RCPCH

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), UK, approached MMF to be a part of their CP mission. During a panel discussion on 5th March 2018, the current state of CP prevalence in India, the primary causes of the disorder in India, and what is being done to reduce incidences were discussed, along with topics like early screening, diagnosis and the associated government and private healthcare policies. A 3-day workshop was organised at Satara where the RCPCH networked with the local caregivers, special educators, ASHA/ANM,  therapists, medical officers and parents on various aspects of this condition.

  • The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), UK, approached MMF to be a part of their CP mission

  • Online Physiotherapy session for children

Innovative support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this time, all physiotherapy centres were closed due to the lockdown. MMF initiated online therapy where patients and their parents could be guided through physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions with the help of therapists on video calls. 

We had 103 kids enrolled during this raging pandemic and lockdown from Satara, Wai, Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar, Patan and Ratnagiri. The network of special educators, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan GoM, helped us reach out to many more CP Children.

We want to help CP patients become integrated into society to ensure that they, and those who care for them, live the best possible life during the pandemic.

Even when internet connections weren’t available, we helped parents conduct home-based physiotherapy by streaming the sessions on the local TV channel in Ratnagiri with help from Sancheti Hospital’s Mental health team.

Mission CP Expands to include Masar, Gujarat

In October 2020, MMF started Mission Cerebral Palsy in Masar, Gujarat with the collaboration of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. Over 25 children are enrolled in this programme. MMF provides online services of Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy. Taking baby steps, this Mission has grown day by day, and today, we are proud to say we are supporting more than 1,000 children with cerebral palsy in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

  • CP assessment camp at Masar, Gujarat in 2020

  • Orthotics support to Snehalaya children

Support to Snehalaya NGO Wagholi Pune - an institute working for the welfare of 65 CP children

Snehalaya Institute is a Pune-based NGO currently working with 65 children (aged between 5-25) with cerebral palsy. Mukul Madhav Foundation has been associated with this institute since September 2021 as part of its mission to support children with cerebral palsy. Mukul Madhav Foundation began its journey by providing a full medical assessment for these children and thereafter incorporating weekly speech therapy sessions for 15 children, providing 9 orthopaedic devices and helping to design comfortable, easy-to-wear outfits for these very special children. Additionally, 3 special educators have been identified and paid monthly to enhance educational skills for these students.

We received a Samman Patra from the Zilla Parishad of Satara for its efforts. This project was also awarded the prestigious Bureaucracy Today, BT-CSR Excellence Award for the Physically Challenged, on 14 July 2016, by the Honourable Minister for Heavy Industries, Mr Anant Geete.

Cochlear Implants

  • Successful Cochlear Implant surgery for children since 2010

Cochlear Implants Surgery in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik

Since 2010, MMF has been donating hearing aids and cochlear implants. 318 cochlear implant surgeries have been successfully performed at the following hospitals. 

  • Bharati Hospital, Pune
  • KEM Hospital, Mumbai
  • Morya Hospital, Pune
  • Deenanath Hospital, Pune
  • Dr Uppal Hospital, Nashik
  • KEM Hospital, Pune
  • Shravani Speech & Hearing Centre, Mumbai
  • Nair Hospital, Mumbai
  • Indorewala Hospital, Nashik
  • Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, Mumbai

Mental Health

MMF has paid equal attention to mental health, the signs of which are often invisible to many. 

To understand and gain expertise on the subject, we have collaborated with Concern for Mental Health (CFMH), UK. Since 2014, the CFMH team has been providing training to psychologists, psychiatrists, primary healthcare workers, and others in the mental health field using WHO’s Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) guidelines. In the four training sessions conducted since 2014, 600 people have been trained.  

The CFMH team also visited the Mental Hospital in Yerawada, Pune to understand the stigma attached to mental disorders, existing facilities, and the available expertise. Their interaction was based on knowledge sharing between international and Indian experts. 

  • Concern for Mental Health, UK (CFMH) collaborated with MMF in 2014

  • With the consent of the Satara Collector, DHO (District Health Officer), and EO (Education Officer), MMF associated with Sassoon General Hospital to design a programme for 230 primary teachers of Zilla Parishad Schools in Satara and Wai Block of the Satara district. The aim was to assess the school students’ mental health and improve teachers’ skills to identify children with special needs.
  • The UK team provided in-depth training for over 3 days to special educators, school teachers, medical officers, social workers, and others from the field of psychiatry. This was organised for the first time in the district of Satara. With the collaboration of Sassoon General Hospital, MMF screened 250 children in a camp for school children in Satara and Wai for Mental Health.

  • Cervical Cancer Vaccinations at Venkateshwara School Pune for 47 girls in 2019

Vaccination Drive

We are helping accelerate India’s vaccination drives to build immunity, battle diseases, save lives, and create a healthier future for the nation.

In association with the Rotary Club of Pune, we organised a camp for Cervical Cancer Vaccinations at Venkateshwara School, Pune for 47 girls in 2019.  

  • We organised a drive for MMR vaccination in November 2018 at the Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, Ratnagiri for 493 girls. 
  • A rubella vaccination drive was organised in Panchgani and Ratnagiri in 2016. A total of 1,444 girls benefited. The vaccines were donated by Serum Institute, Pune.  
  • 66 students were vaccinated for Covid-19 vaccine at MMV (Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya), Ratnagiri
  • We facilitated and supported over 30,000 Covid-19 vaccinations in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Cataract surgeries

  • Bharati Hospital, Pune
  • MMF supported 2068 cataract surgeries at Bharati Hospital, Pune, from 2018 to 2020. 
  • HV Desai Eye Hospital, Pune
  • Since 2014, 5,754 adult and 30 paediatric cataract surgeries have been performed at HV Desai Eye Hospital, Pune.  
  • Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
  • MMF has supported 600 cataract surgeries so far

  • Free Cataract surgeries support for senior citizens

  • MMF provided insulin cartridges for children with type-1 diabetes in Vadodara

Diabetic Camp at Vadodara, Gujarat

Since August 2021, the Mukul Madhav Foundation has supported monthly insulin cartridges and blood-sugar tests. This monthly initiative has adopted 17 children with Type-1 Diabetes in Vadodara, Gujarat in collaboration with the Diabetic Association of Vadodara.

Thalassemia support

Thalassemia patients are supported since 2019 with monthly supplies of blood transfusions, filters, and medicine for individuals in the age group of 10 to 30 years. 

  • Indian Red Cross, Pune: 30 patients monthly 
  • The Wishing Factory, Baroda: 35 paediatric patients monthly 
  • Bharati Hospital, Pune: 20 patients monthly 
  • Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter: 69 patients monthly 

  • Our support to Thalassemia patients at Red Cross Society since 2019

  • Paediatric Heart Surgery at Jupiter Hospital Pune since 2014

Public-Private-Partnership (PPP): Cardiac Surgeries

Until 2018, newborns with heart complications at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune, were directed to travel almost 150 kilometres, to Mumbai, to receive paediatric heart surgery by a prominent surgeon there. Mukul Madhav Foundation sought to lessen the trauma of travel for the infants, and the costs incurred by anxious parents on travel, stay and food. We connected the public-funded Sassoon General Hospital with the Jupiter Hospital, a reputed private hospital right next door in Pune, which had a renowned paediatric surgeon on their panel. This first-of-its kind public-private partnership, has seen 8 successful surgeries performed, to date. Along with the subsidy offered by Jupiter Hospital, MMF bore a big part of the medical fees, to ensure that the burden on the parents was kept to a bearable minimum. An honorarium was also created by MMF for the specialist, in order to facilitate his weekly visits to the public hospital to check and consult the paediatric ward. 

Besides surgeries under this partnership, we have been instrumental in performing over 745 paediatric heart surgeries since 2014, through our association with other hospitals and partners.

SEARCH Project (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health)

In 2020, in association with Finolex Industries, we began our support to SEARCH, a project initiated and headed by Dr Anand Bang and family, to provide better healthcare to women and children of 39 tribal and rural villages in Gadchiroli by giving home-based primary health care with a focus on maternal, new-borns and children. The primary objective is to:  

  • Reduce preventable mortality and morbidity
  • Empower communities
  • Help people save money
  • Function as a field base for research

  • SEARCH Project to provide better healthcare to women and children of Gadchiroli

“Janani Suraksha” – Support to 51 pregnant women

We partnered with Ladies Circle India to support a pan-India project called Janani Suraksha – supporting the health of pregnant women from the marginalised sections of our society. Launched on October 28th, 2020, the invitation to this initiative was sent to us by the Coimbatore Ladies Circle, India. Under this project, MMF is taking care of hospital delivery expenses, and nutrition expenses for a month post-delivery of 51 underprivileged pregnant women.

Paediatric leukaemia (Bharati Hospital)

In 2018, MMF supported 19 paediatric leukaemia patients.

These patients have been funded by a friend and well wisher of MMF. We are grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Yogesh Mehta from London, UK.

  • Blood donation drive at Urse , Pune since 2017

Blood Donation Drive

Since 2017, we have been regularly organising blood donation camps to address the shortage of blood in hospitals in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The employees and contract employees of Finolex Industries actively participate and volunteer in these camps to make them a success. 

We have collected over 5000 bags in the 17 blood donations camps held so far. 

To make this noble initiative a success, we have joined hands with like-minded partners, NGOs, and partner hospitals like Sassoon General Hospital, Aditya Birla Hospital, Akshay and KEM Hospitals in Pune, Dhwani Blood Bank in Vadodara, Gujarat, and the Indian Red Cross Society Blood Bank in Ratnagiri. 

Other initiatives

  • In 2019, we created a 12-bedded NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Yerwada, Pune and created a 14-bedded NICU at Sonawane Hospital, Bhawani Peth, Pune. These two units were initiated as per the request of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). We trained 49 Nurses and 13 Paediatric doctors at the NICUs of Bharati Hospital, Deenanath Hospital and Sassoon Hospital, Pune, to ensure trained personnel at these hospitals.
  • Civil Hospital Ratnagiri: We have installed an RO plant in the dialysis unit, which supports 400 patients every month since July 2020.
  • Police Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Pune: In 2016, we upgraded this existing hospital by providing and donating medical equipment in various departments, like dental and waiting room chairs, ophthalmology equipment, ECG machine and BP apparatus. The intention of upgrading this hospital is to support the police fraternity and their families.

  • Dental chair supported to police hospital in year 2016

  • Haemophilia Society of Maharashtra: We donated a 4-Channel Semi-Automated Coagulation Analyzer in 2019
  • Prashanti Cancer Care Hospital: We donated 5 electric chemotherapy chairs in 2016
  • Sunderlal Jain Hospital, Delhi: We funded a CRM machine in 2014

  • Cardiac surgeries on underweight babies by HLH doctors

Healing Little Hearts, UK

An initiative equally close to our hearts was conceived after identifying critical gaps in the existing paediatric cardiac facilities. Cardiac care for the little ones brings its own set of challenges. Lack of proper access to expertise and postoperative care were responsible for high mortality rates.

To give children a fighting chance, we partnered with Healing Little Hearts, UK in 2014,  under the guidance of Dr. Sanjiv Nichani from Leicester, UK, and Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. 

Under this association, every year we brought in a team of 8 highly skilled medical professionals, comprising of specialised paediatric cardiac surgeons, intensivists, and nurses from the UK. The team spent a week during every visit performing critical heart surgeries. The UK team also supervised, guided and trained the local cardiac teams during surgeries and in postoperative care, enabling the local teams to gain confidence performing these critical surgeries.  

This initiative helped the UK team find a noble way to give back to society by offering their services pro bono. We contributed to their efforts in our own way by funding the team’s entire travel, stay, food, and other assistance they required during their visits.

  • With the efforts of the team of Healing Little Hearts, Dr. Purvez Grant, founder of Ruby Hall Clinic, and MMF, 117 underweight babies were operated in over 5 camps at Ruby Hall Clinic and 1 camp at Sassoon Hospital, of which 107 have survived and are doing well.
  • An appeal was made by Dr. Sanjiv Nichani to support his teams at Imphal and Vijayawada. MMF responded and supported the expenses towards flight travel during Covid.
  • Cochlea implants, Pune:Assistance was provided during free health camps at schools and hearing aids to children with hearing difficulties
  • ECHS Poly Clinic, Pune:Supported with physiotherapy equipment in 2017
  • HV Desai Eye Hospital
    1. Assistance provided during free health camps at schools
    2. Free spectacle distribution for students diagnosed with vision problems
    3. Quarterly and monthly support for paediatric and adult cataract surgeries started in 2015. We have supported 2,254 cataract surgeries so far.
  • Sancheti Hospital
    1. Assistance provided during assessment camps for Cerebral Palsy
    2. Physiotherapists visit our CP Rehabilitation centres twice a week
    3. Performed 56 CP surgeries at concessional rates
    4. Orthotic Devices provided to CP patients referred by MMF at subsidised rates- 204

  • Physiotherapy Chair supported to ECHS Polyclinic Pune in 2017

  • Human milk bank at command hospital in 2021

  • The Command Hospital, Pune:Supported with Human Milk Bank in 2021
  • Bharati Hospital
    1. Cataract surgeries supported
    2. Assistance provided to needy patients in the cancer and NICU wards
  • Jupiter Hospital Pune: Supporting paediatric heart surgeries every month. Since 2018, 56 patients have benefitted.
  • Parkar Hospital, Ratnagiri
    1. Assistance provided during free health camps at schools
    2. Help in organising mammography camp at reasonable rates yearly: From 2014 to 2018, MMF has provided a mammography machine through which the hospital rates are reduced for screening: more than 2,585 women benefited from this camp
  • Walawalkar Hospital, Chiplun
    1. Physiotherapist provided to our CP Rehabilitation Centre at Dervan
    2. Assistance provided during free health camps at schools and to needy patients
    3. Women’s Well Being Camp was conducted for the first time in March 2019, where 556 women were screened for breast cancer and colonoscopy.
    4. In 2021 they also held a mammography camp where we supported 259 women.

Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation and Director of Finolex Industries Limited, Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria, received the prestigious Shiromani Award from Mr. Manu Jagmohan Singhji, International Chairman of NRI Institute, at the NRI World Summit 2022 held in the United Kingdom on 23rd June 2022. 

Mrs. Chhabria has been conferred the Shiromani Award in the presence of eminent members of the British Parliament, other distinguished dignitaries and award winners in recognition of her philanthropic service to the Indian community across the world. Other attendees included Mr. G P Hinduja, Co-chairman of Hinduja Group and Chief Guest of the function, Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, President of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, Mrs. Michelle Poonawalla, Lord Swraj Paul, Member of House of Lords of the United Kingdom, fashion designers- Shane and Falguni Peacock, and members of her family. 

On 24th June 2022, Mrs. Chhabria was the keynote speaker at the NRI World Summit, where she shared her views on the confluence of culture, people and ideas between India and the UK. The two-day event celebrated many achievements, showcased charitable initiatives and innovation, facilitated business networking, and served as a platform to showcase the impact we make through MMF.

Instituted in 1977, previous recipients of the Shiromani Award include Mother Teresa, Chief Marshal Manekshaw, Justice Hidayatullah, Justice Nagendra Singh, Mr. Ramkrishna Bajaj, Mr. H P Nanda, Ustad Bismillah Khan, Raj Kapoor, Sunil Dutt, Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, P T Usha, Leander Paes, Vishwanathan Anand, Nani Palkhivala, Ram Jethmalani, The Dalai Lama.  A proud moment indeed for all of us at MMF, and we wish Mrs. Chhabria more success in the years to come in these initiatives. 

The Jury council of “Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Awards” Congratulate “Mukul Madhav Foundation” for winning the “Best CSR Project in Sanitation” category Award at such platform. The award was collected by our Trustee Mr. Vijay Gurnani  along with MMF team members Mr Babalu Mokale and Mitesh Shrigiri.

G100 is an empowered group of 100 women leaders from across the world, in 100 diverse sectors, supported by 100 eminent He or She champions, for powerful advocacy, awareness & impact across governments and global organizations for a gender equal future. G100 is an action + think tank with a global, cross-cultural, intersectional and intentional perspective toward peace, parity and prosperity for all.

G100 is supported by The Denim Club: Group of 100 He-for-She Champions globally, comprising leaders and luminaries from the business, corporate and political domains, each leading a sector of influence and having their companies and institutions in support of gender parity and equality. 

Mukul Madhav Foundation team is delighted and happy to share this news with our friends and well-wishers.


For Kashmir, the pandemic has been a lot harder. After struggling with more than 18 months of shut down and limited access to internet connectivity, Kashmiris have been pushed to the verge of helplessness and misery
To help communities that have been scarred by the perpetual violence prevailing in the state, Mukul Madhav Foundation collaborated with Mrs. Nighat Shafi Pandit founder HELP Foundation to enable the severely affected get the aid they rightfully deserved.

Thank you for helping them earn not just a better livelihood, but their dignity and independence. Thank you for being kind enough to #GiveWithDignityTM
Through our Pan India Mission, #Give With Dignity we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


This Diwali, many are struggling to keep their hopes high due to the impact of the lockdown imposed in the past few months. Hard-hit by such dark times is Umed Pariwar in Pune, a rehabilitation cum residential facility for Intellectually Developmentally Disabled [IDD] people that provides them with life-long care once they're admitted.
Mukul Madhav Foundation, as a part of #GiveWithDignityTM, their Pan India Diwali initiative, feels immense pleasure to support Umed Pariwar by procuring a gift hamper handcrafted by the differently abled people (Divyang) of "Umed Pariwar".

Your support has enabled us to support them in their mission of caring for those who struggle to lead a dignified life.
Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


Diwali is all about celebrating the victory of light over darkness. However, darkness has engulfed the lives of so many people in the past few months due to the lockdown and the pandemic.
To ensure that this Diwali brings a hopeful ray of light in many homes, Mukul Madhav Foundation is providing 21-day ration kits to 1000 underprivileged families of Bundelkhand region through its Diwali initiative #GiveWithDignityTM. We are also procuring diyas from a local potter Mr. Kripanath in Prayagraj to help him sustain his business in these trying times

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


The hard earned financial empowerment of many women artisans risked a grim demise when the lockdown hit our country. Years of hard work, heritage and native tradition was on the verge of being lost, just like the hopes of these artisans
Mukul Madhav Foundation, under its Diwali campaign #GiveWithDignityTM, joined hands with Ad-8, a craft group working with women from Rajasthan's borders to manufacture hand-made products, to procure 3000 eco-friendly masks that promote the indigenous innovation and designs across India.

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


The pandemic had locked down not only the nation but also the hygiene and wellness of millions of rural girls struggling to lead a dignified life. Years of efforts by Sobati, a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit empowering women with access to menstrual hygiene, were about to go in vain due to the joblessness and livelihood destruction caused by the lockdown.
Under the Diwali campaign #GiveWithDignityTM, Mukul Madhav Foundation is reinstating hope and faith in all the rural women associated with Sobati by procuring sanitary napkins from them for distribution across the country, eradicating the stigma around menstruation and making menstrual hygiene available to each and every girl.

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


Thousands across the country lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic and the countrywide lockdown that was imposed. One of the hardest hit were the farmers as the lockdown left them in a state of complete helplessness due to inaccessibility to market and transportation facilities leaving them on the verge of starvation and loss of income.
To help people those who need it the most in these trying times, Kamdar Organic Producers, an organisation run by farmers from Madhya Pradesh supported Mukul Madhav Foundation in their Diwali initiative #GiveWithDignityTM by providing daily ration items like rice, atta, etc. which were then distributed across the country. Through this, we could empower the farmers, revive their dying hope and make their Diwali full of joy and abundance.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


Innumerable jobs lost, livelihoods destroyed, dreams crushed and aspirations crumbled, the effects of the pandemic on millions of people and small businesses have been devastating.
To ensure that no more hopes are lost for the struggling local businesses, we are procuring papad from Vishwa Sindhi Sewa Sangam Mahila Udhyog, a small manufacturer in Mumbai, and distributing it across the country.

It was your contribution towards #GiveWithDignityTM, an initiative by Mukul Madhav Foundation, that dispelled the darkness of hopelessness and despair for them this Diwali
Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWith Dignity, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


Suffering of thousands has been aggravated by the lockdown. However, it is the women and girls who are particularly struggling to survive, with widening gap in access to basic menstrual hygiene and sanitation.
With your support, Mukul Madhav Foundation has support Association for Social Health India, ASHI, a shelter home for destitute women and orphan girls from Jammu and Kashmir, by procuring sanitary napkins from them, and distributing it across the country to those in need. Together with them, we could double our kindness and impact, uplifting all those affected by the pandemic.

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


The ongoing pandemic has left many people in a state of complete despair and hopelessness. Thousands of families across the country are struggling to run their businesses and feed their families. In such times of crisis, we supported the livelihoods of Kedarnath Women Center by procuring a variety of grocery essentials such as Haldi, Tea etc. from them thus helping them revive their business.
Mukul Madhav Foundation, together with your support aims to spread hope and happiness this festive season. We are on a mission that no one sleeps on an empty stomach and no business has to shut down this Diwali.

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


Skill development, economic growth and entrepreneurship - the keys to a brighter future for many had been devastatingly marred by the lockdown. With the dreams and aspirations of many on hold, the Centre for Youth Development and Activities were at the risk of losing all the progress they had achieved in uplifting underprivileged youngsters, women and girls.
It was when Mukul Madhav Foundation, under its mission #GiveWithDignityTM, gave an order for thousands of masks to CYDA that the darkness finally gave way to rays of hope and happiness.

Through our Pan India Mission #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


The last few months' lockdown has viciously shrouded small businesses and marginalized communities in a blanket of darkness. This Diwali, we are uplifting millions of such people open their eyes to a world of joy and light. To double the kindness, we have collaborated with The Wishing factory by Parth Thakur, that is working towards reaching out to those in need through their Diya Campaign.
Through #GiveWithDignityTM, Mukul Madhav Foundation's Pan India Diwali initiative, we are procuring diyas from The Wishing Factory to support them in their endeavour of gifting a joyous Diwali to those who have been at the forefront in these trying times.Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back

Prakash Pralhad Chhabria

Co-founder & President - Mukul Madhav Foundation & Executive Chairman of Finolex Industries Ltd.

Prakash Pralhad Chhabria is the Executive Chairman of Finolex Industries Limited and is a recognized industrialist with over three decades of hands-on experience. He was inducted as a Board Director in 1992 and took over as the Executive Chairman in 2012

Credited with transforming Finolex Industries into a reputed national brand, he has steered the Company onto this growth path by strategically restructuring business and finance. Under his leadership, the Company has achieved a turnover of INR 3,463 crores in FY 21.

Prakash Pralhad Chhabria has a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from the University of Evansville, Indiana. An Advanced Management Programme from Wharton Business School and an Executive Program from Stanford University further bolster his expertise.

He was recently awarded honorary Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) degree by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, for his notable contribution to society.

With a core philosophy of attaining business prosperity in a sustainable manner, Finolex Industries gives back to the community through Mukul Madhav Foundation and its extensive CSR activities, giving hope to people who often feel they don’t have the right to be hopeful.

Prakash Pralhad Chhabria is an avid reader and enjoys delving into topics ranging from philosophy to history and spiritualism to culture. He is also a keen photographer and captures exciting vignettes.

Gayatri Prakash Chhabria

Trustee - Mukul Madhav Foundation

Gayatri Prakash Chhabria is the General Manager Strategy & Marketing at Finolex Industries and a Trustee at the Mukul Madhav Foundation.

With a major in Business from Warwick Business School, she has plunged headlong into the everyday workings of Finolex Industries, not just as a third-generation entrepreneur, but as a custodian of parivaar values that encompass and embrace every employee, dealer, supplier, vendor and associate. Bringing in a mix of strategic inputs and people initiatives, she works hard at being brutally fair. Seeking to constantly learn, explore and grow, as an individual, and also as an organization. Driven to build corporate associations, strengthen human resources, digitalize the legacy business and unite this large extended family of internal and external stakeholders with a common company culture. She is focused on doing all of this through the marketing and communication initiatives she spearheads. Inspired by the legacy of her grandfather, Shri. Pralhad Chhabria, who laid the foundation for a responsible, sustainable business that values trust and relationships as the core drivers to success.

As a Trustee at the Mukul Madhav Foundation, she positively engages with the focus areas of Finolex Industries to channel resources into education, healthcare, sustainability, and social welfare initiatives.

Hansika Prakash Chhabria

Trustee - Mukul Madhav Foundation

Hansika Prakash Chhabria has taken the core philosophy of the Chhabria family, and expanded it into the creative realm. With her fashion start-up, One Less, that builds on the values her grandfather, Shri Pralhad Chhabria, expounded – building a responsible, sustainable business that values trust and relationships as the core drivers to success. 

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts (Digital Culture) from King’s College London, she is stepping out into uncharted territory to carve out a space for herself as an entrepreneur and changemaker. Putting into action her thoughts on human and animal rights, gender equality, sustainability and the ever-growing need for sustainable fashion. Bringing it all together as her start-up that encourages organic, sustainable and ethically sourced clothing that both supports Indian industry and preserves the environment through a uniquely minimalistic style and eco-friendly approach to casual wear. She is also putting her deeply-entrenched values into practice as Trustee at the Mukul Madhav Foundation.

Ritu Prakash Chhabria

Co-founder Managing Trustee - Mukul Madhav Foundation

Ritu Prakash Chhabria is the Founder member and Managing Trustee of the Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF). Working ceaselessly with MMF over the past 23 years to transform the way charity is done in India, she has constantly worked to support the under-served with dignity and not dole outs. Personally involved in impacting numerous lives and livelihoods through initiatives in education, healthcare, self-employment, women empowerment, sanitation, water conservation and every other genuine need that remains unfulfilled, and comes to her attention. Supporting and furthering the under-served across geographies, ages, gender, occupations, and religions. Her every action is powered by a deep spirituality, and her active practice of meditation and gratitude. 

With a Masters in International Relations, she majored in Economics from Richmond College, London, with a minor in Marketing. This has held her in good stead when liaising with local government bodies, benevolent corporates and international collaborators. Finding global support for MMF, with the establishment of MMF UK in 2018, and collaborations with Princess Trust, BAPIO, Caudwell, and Action Aid. 

With the association of MMF with Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) in 2014 as their official CSR partner, today Mrs. Chhabria sits on the Board of Directors at FIL as the Chairperson for CSR activities. She has recently been appointed as a nominee of Hinduja Foundation on the Board of Management of the P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital, Bangalore, and as a Governing Body Member of FICCI FLO National (2021-2022). Besides these, she also brings her heartful expertise to work on the following committees and organisations.

  • Patron of the Kochi Biennale
  • Independent Ethics Committee of Symbiosis University
  • Steering Committee of the Hinduja Foundation
  • Member of Governing and Executive Council of National Health and Education Society (NHES), of the Hinduja Hospital
  • Trustee at Karachi Education Society and the Indian Red Cross Society, Pune. 
  • Committee member of the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India- Empress Botanical Garden
  • Trustee on the Make A Wish Foundation’s Board in India (2014-2019) 
  • Honorary member with the Inner Wheel Club, Pune, (2020-2021)
  • Managing Committee member in IMC (2020-2021)
  • Honorary Member, Rotary Club of Parvati
  • General Body Member, Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH) and Honorary Member, Rotary Club of SOBO (South Mumbai) 
  • Chairperson, FICCI Flo, Pune 2019-2020

Vijay G. Gurnani

Trustee - Mukul Madhav Foundation

Vijay Gurnani is a reputed businessman and philanthropist with business interests in various sectors, mainly shipping and export. A first generation entrepreneur, he started his working life on the shop floor of an automotive manufacturer, quickly moving on to greater and more ambitious things. He has built his companies with determination and passion. This same passion he carries into his work with the under-served, making a difference to the orphaned, the old and abandoned, and the impoverished. As Trustee at the Mukul Madhav Foundation, he inspires and supports the team with his strong values and innate goodness. 

Corona recognition - Gujarat

Shri. Acharya Devvrat-Hon. Governor of Gujarat

Shri Amit Shah - Union Home - Co-Operation Minister, Shri. Acharya Devvrat-Hon. Governor of Gujarat and Shri. Vijaybha

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Prakash Pralhad Chhabria

Co-founder & President - Mukul Madhav Foundation & Executive Chairman of Finolex Industries Ltd.

Prakash Pralhad Chhabria is the Executive Chairman of Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) since 2012. With over three decades of hands-on experience, he was inducted as a Board Director in 1992, before he took over as Executive Chairman.

Over recent years, he has earned himself the reputation of being a sound and visionary industrialist. Skillfully steering FIL and its reputation by strategically restructuring business and finance. Putting it on a growth trajectory that has seen it establish its dominance as a reputed national brand, with a turnover of INR 3,463 crores in FY 21.

His innate strengths and real-world experience have been further honed by a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from the University of Evansville, Indiana; an Advanced Management Programme from Wharton Business School; and an Executive Program from Stanford University.

At FIL, his focus has been on attaining business prosperity in a sustainable manner. Forward integrating and backward integrating, not just to impact the business and its stakeholders, but the community and the environment that extend beyond. Taking on responsibility for society at large, not just as a government mandate of Corporate Social Responsibility, but with the foresight and bigger picture perspective that everything and everybody is connected. This personal belief has brought FIL and MMF together. Giving back to the community, and completing the circle. Amongst other awards and recognitions, he was recently awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.) degree by Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, for his notable contribution to society.

This larger order view of the world could be attributed to Mr. Chhabria's upbringing, his love for reading, and his interest in philosophy, history, spiritualism and culture. A keen photographer, the world always looks interesting through his lens.

Late Shri Pralhad Chhabria

Founder Trustee - Mukul Madhav Foundation & Founder of Finolex Group.

The late Shri Pralhad P. Chhabria is the founder of the Finolex Group of companies, and the kind hand that shaped its policies and values right from its early years. The hand that was always open, giving as much as it received. Supporting and furthering the Mukul Madhav Foundation through its fledgling years.

The hand that continues to be placed over us in blessing. Continuing to inspire and guide us through the legacy of values he has left behind. Humility and an ability to focus on the basics. With an emphasis on quality, constant learning, and pushing for excellence. And most of all, to achieve great heights not as individuals, but by bringing people together.


Much like many small businesses, this mother and her sons were also forced to shut down their provision store. Even though severely affected by the pandemic and suffering major losses, the family did not lose hope.

Seeing many families like them struggling to barely make ends meet, this family decided to start SNR, a small scale unit to manufacture multi-purpose masala right in the middle of the pandemic. This mother and sons duo is an inspiration for us all to overcome these dark times and build the best for us with what we have.

With your support, Mukul Madhav Foundation through its Diwali campaign, is proud to support SNR by raising Rs 5,79,500 for the SHG.

Thank you for being kind enough to

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70k families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these SHG's bounce back


Ariharan Guruswamy, a resident of Madurai city, Tamil Nadu and an engineer by profession, soon realized that his heart was in making a difference and that's when he set up a Self Help Group called Sigura Oil.

The SHG worked closely on establishing better supply chains and marketing linkages among farmers involved in sesame oil production. The forward moving enterprise suddenly caught itself in a bottleneck when the lockdown was announced. The painstaking efforts taken to set up their businesses were close to falling apart.

However, your contribution ensured that the first rays of sun hit Akshay and his SHG's many small scale farmers.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 small businesses to bounce back.


Diwali has always been very special for the differently abled students at ADAPT, Mumbai.
More so because this is that time of the year when they get to show the world what they are capable of.

Their beautiful creations have over the years lit up many homes. However this year, due to the pandemic, they feared a decline in sales which also meant lack of income for their families

This Diwali, your support came as the glimmering ray of hope for them. It enables us to include diyas made by them in the grocery kits being distributed to families in need. Because of you this year too, Diyas made by them will light up thousands of homes

Thank you for supporting these differently abled artists enjoy a Diwali full of hope and happiness
Thank you for helping them earn not just a better livelihood, but their dignity and independence.
Thank you for being kind enough to

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 35 of these SHG's bounce back


The 40 tribal women from Shakti have been an inspiration for the entire district of Kandhamaal District, Orissa for fighting oppression and achieving financial independence.

Together, these women have been the force behind establishing their own business and empowering many farmers in the area. They directly procure grains from the local farmers and take care of packaging and marketing of Haldi, moong dal raagi

With the lockdown, travel restrictions and lack for proper resources, years of their efforts and hard work were at stake. Thank you for being their hope.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back


At a young age of only 20, Payal's life turned upside down as her biggest support system, her father lost the battle against cancer. At an age when we all aim to dream big with the help and support of our families, Payal was left alone to figure out her way in the world. Today, at 26, Payal has risen above her loss and struggles and become a changemaker in the truest sense. She has provided employment to the women of her village by setting up a low cost Sanitary Pad making unit. This has made the women of Rangiatikra financially independent.

With the lockdown, travel restrictions and lack for proper resources, years of her efforts and hardwork was at stake. But, because of people like you, she got an opportunity to not only keep her business afloat but also ensure that sanitary napkins reached women in need through the Mukul Madhav Foundation's Diwali campaign.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back.


The past few months have completely crushed the lives of millions across the country.

The countrywide lockdown rendered people struggling to get access to the bare necessities whereas the small and local business owners faced their own struggles.

We aim to bridge this gap of necessities of people and struggles of local businesses, by procuring salt from Kasthuri salt, a small manufacturer of rock salt, in the southern part of India and distributing it across the country.

Closer to Diwali, you came as the only ray of hope in their lives by contributing towards  #GiveWithDignityTM, an initiative by Mukul Madhav Foundation

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back.


What happens when 25 women and children from Gujarat come together to help each other lead a better life? They overcome all challenges together, stand strong in the face of despair and become an inspiration for all of us.

The members of Sharda Social Welfare Trust for specially abled women and children always had a unique determination to pursue their dreams with faith and resilience. Their conviction to lead empowered lives only got stronger with each passing day.

That is why, for Mukul Madhav Foundation's Diwali campaign, there were no second guesses about who to source the 17,800 diyas and 9000 masks from for mass distribution.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignityTM, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 small businesses to bounce back


In a country where 36 percent women struggle with lack of access to basic menstrual hygiene, the pandemic only widened this gap.

Bestie, a sanitary napkin manufacturer, based at Theni, Tamil Nadu, became the ray of glimmering hope in the lives of many when Mukul Madhav Foundation, through its Diwali campaign, procured this hygiene essential from them.

With your support and aid, we aim to uplift and empower all those who struggled in the past few months and are still trying to battle its impacts.

Through our pan-India mission, #GiveWithDignityTM we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 120 of these bounce back.


At a young age of only 20, Payal's life turned upside down as her biggest support system, her father lost the battle against cancer. At an age when we all aim to dream big with the help and support of our families, Payal was left alone to figure out her way in the world. Today, at 26, Payal has risen above her loss and struggles and become a changemaker in the truest sense. She has provided employment to the women of her village by setting up a low cost Sanitary Pad making unit. This has made the women of Rangiatikra financially independent.

With the lockdown, travel restrictions and lack for proper resources, years of her efforts and hardwork was at stake. But, because of people like you, she got an opportunity to not only keep her business afloat but also ensure that sanitary napkins reached women in need through the Mukul Madhav Foundation's Diwali campaign.

Through our Pan India Mission, #GiveWithDignity, we are supporting 70,000 families across 24 states with grocery & hygiene essentials that are being procured locally from small businesses thus helping 35 of these SHG's bounce back.

Ruby Hall Cancer Centre

Ruby Hall Cancer Centre

Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation was presented with this award by the Family Care Projects Pune in 2006. This award is a token of their gratitude for all her help and support.

Family Care Projects Pune

Family Care Projects Pune

Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation was presented with this award by the Family Care Projects Pune in 2006. This award is a token of their gratitude for all her help and support.

Rotary Club Poona North

Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation, Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria was awarded by the Rotary Club Poona North on the 21st of February 2009 for her efforts and initiatives in mitigating child mortality.

Sanman Patra Muktai Award

Sanman Patra Muktai Award

On the 1st of June, 2013 our representative Mrs. Meena D'sa received the Muktai Award on behalf of the Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria for outstanding work in the field of Healthcare and Education. The award is named after Sant Muktai who was the younger sister of Sant Dnyaneshwara and has been presented for the last 21 years to women for their selfless contribution towards socially and economically challenged people. This year's award was presented in Pune by the esteemed hands of the Ex-President of India, Shrimati Pratibhatai Patil, in the presence of the Speaker of the Assembly of Maharashtra, Shri Dilip Valse Patil and Shri Sopankaka Valhekar Maharaj of Aatmonnati and Vishwashanti Sadhak Sanstha, Mumbai.

The Walk of Honour

Our Managing Trustee Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria was honoured by the Chandrakala Sanap and Prashanti Cancer Care Mission on the 18th of August 2013 at The Signature Premier Pune Style Week 2013.

These two institutes had invited ten extraordinary woman of substance from the Peshwa city of Pune, for the Walk of Honour for exemplary work in their fields and honouring them for their achievements.

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission

Prashanti Cancer Care Mission Awards 2014

On the 10th of February, 2014, Dr. C.B Koppiker, Founder of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission (a Pune based NGO with a vision dedicated to fighting and dealing with trauma of cancer) awarded our Managing Trustee, Mrs. Ritu Chhabria for her outstanding dedication, contribution and commitment in the field of social work towards the cancer foundation and her exemplary contribution on making life more meaningful for cancer patients.


The Pride of Pune Award

Managing Trustee of Mukul Madhav Foundation, Mrs. Ritu Prakash Chhabria was felicitated with the 'Pride of Pune Award' for contribution to the fields of social work and philanthropy and her efforts towards healthcare awareness initiatives in Pune – especially her involvement with cancer patients and her initiatives towards extenuating child mortality. The ceremony was hosted by Ishanya alongside a special art exhibition titled 'Celebrating Womanhood' on Sunday, 23rd March, 2014.

Children Heart Center

On the 28th of September, 2015, Mrs. Tina Ambani, Chairperson, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute honoured our Managing Trustee Mrs. Ritu Chhabria and Mukul Madhav Foundation in acknowledgement of the generous contribution made to the Hospital's "Children Heart Center" and for the help saving many young lives.

BT-CSR Excellence Award for the Project "Working for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Satara"

Finolex Industries Ltd. and their CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation was honored with BT-CSR Excellence Award for the category "Helping the Physically Challenged" on 14th July 2016 in New Delhi. This award was bestowed upon them for their outstanding work in the Satara district, in improving the standard of living for children suffering with Cerebral Palsy. The award was presented at the hands of Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister for Heavy Industries and Department of Public Enterprises, Shri Anant Geete. The nominations were judged by a jury team of six members comprising of members from Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, ONGC, FICCI, CII and ASSOCHAM, who reviewed each entry based on their merit and impact.

India CSR Excellence Awards

Finolex Industries and its CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation was awarded the India CSR Excellence Awards for the category "Best Innovative CSR Practices in Education" on the 26th of February in Delhi. This award was to recognize the company for the exemplary work being done in the field of education, by setting up an English medium school, Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, in an interior village at Golap in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. The project was selected amongst over 100 applications from corporate houses and organizations involved in bringing about a change in the field of education in rural India.

Bluedart Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards for Support and Improvement in Quality of Education

Finolex Industries and its CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation was awarded the Global Excellence Award in the category of "Support and Improvement in Quality of Education" by Bluedart Global CSR Excellence and Leadership Awards on the 18th of February 2016 in Mumbai. We were selected out of 150 nominations received globally in this category from corporate social responsibility champions across various industries and countries. The award recognized the organization for demonstrating and creating opportunities for students in the rural areas for international quality education and for their commitment to bring positive change to the education health of the country. The case study presented was that of Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, an English medium School in Golap, Ratnagiri.

Global Award from the Governor for CSR December 2018

Global Sindhi Council presents Global Award at the hands of the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra Shri Vidyasagar Rao to Ritu Prakash Chhabria for historic contribution in field of Education, medical and social service.

Recognition for Toilets at Sonale, Palghar January 2018

Felicitation from Yuva Parivartan for toilets in Sonale.

Indywood Excellence award (CSR)2018

Finolex Industries Limited presented with Indywood CSR awards for 'Best CSR practices in Speciality Healthcare