Vaccination Drive

Mukul Madhav Foundation supported the government initiative for the MMR vaccination in Ratnagiri and vaccinated - students

Cervical vaccination was carried out in collaboration with Rotary Club and FICCI FLO for 200 school students

FIL/ MMF in association with Indian Medical Association organises its first Continuous Medical Education (CME) in Ratnagiri

150 Medical professionals attended the CME on Cerebral Palsy which was conducted with an objective to highlight the importance of early diagnosis of CP and on time refereeing patients to the specialist.

This CME was graced with the valuable presence of Mr. Sunil Chavan, District Collector, Ratnagiri, Dr. Pravin Munde Supritendent of Police, Ratnagiri along with other dignitaries.

Improving the quality of life for the children of Satara District

Finolex Pipes & CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation partnered with Symbiosis College of Nursing with the goal of improving the quality of life for the children of Satara District.

Custom designed Cerebral Palsy chairs were provided to children with CP from Zilla Parishad schools & door to door assessments were conducted to ascertain these cases & help these children live a normal life.

To address this issue at a grass root level, qualified doctors, nurses and other medical team members from the Symbiosis College of Nursing will provide requisite training in the area of pregnancy & labour to the ASHA Health Workers, Nurses and Ancillary Staff.

This training enhances the abilities of these Health Workers to identify & prevent high-risk pregnancies amongst the women in the villages of Satara. Mukul Madhav Foundation hopes to lay a foundation for a bright future for the children!

We recently awarded 1060 ASHA nurses with some of Rs. 1000 each. On this occasion specialized from the renowned hospital such as Sancheti Hospital, KEM hospital, Prashanti Cancer care mission Pune addressed the audience on various issues such as Diabetic, Cerebral Palsy and Breast Cancer with this we continue to spread Hope and Happiness.

Inauguration of NICU at Sassoon General Hospital

59 bedded State-of-the-art Neonatal Facility inaugurated at Sassoon General Hospital.

Finolex Industries Limited and Mukul Madhav Foundation have joined hands with Sassoon General Hospital and B J Medical College, parent body of Sassoon General Hospital, a tertiary hospital in western Maharashtra catering to the masses in Pune and around its periphery.

The association began in 2012 to provide educational assistance to deserving students and medical assistance to needy patients. Continuing the same we also support a unique initiative taken by the students of BJ Medical College – Lift for Upliftment whereby free coaching is provided to underprivileged students to appear for NEET Exam. FIL and MMF supported with stationary essentials and benches.

Refurbished the reading room of B J Medial College which can accommodate 100 students. In April 2017 a major milestone was established by the creation of 59 bedded state of the art NICU equipping it with modern life saving equipments.

Which has helped reduce the infant mortality rate. More than 5000 babies have been benefited by this NICU. The government of Maharashtra has recognized this unit to be one of the best in the state. A neonatologist has been appointed by FIL / MMF in collaboration with B J Medical College to monitor well-being of babies.

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of NICU, Medical equiments (Air Blender, Cold Light, Pulse Oximeter) have been provided to support babies at the golden hour of their birth.

Furthermore, modern equipments such as ROP (to screen babies for blindness)& OAE(to screen babies for deafness) have been donated. Constantly striving to upgrade the healthcare facility, regular assistance has been provided to uplift / upgrade and improve the infrastructure With establishing the Gastroenterology Department (5th March 2018) with world class equipments have been donated. Procedures are available at affordable costs to common man than compared to private hospitals.

POEM procedure, (to cut the food pipe to remove Achalasia cardia disorder) was performed at the Gastroenterology Department. Sassoon General Hospital and B J Medical college is the first medical college in Maharashtra to perform the same. This procedure costs around Rs. 2 lakh in Private Hospitals whereas in SGH it is Rs. 1100/-.

Over a period of two year more than 3000 procedures were carried out at this unit.

With the support of like-minded donors, also established the Dental Laser Unit (11th May 2018). This is the first government hospital to have a laser unit. More than 1500 patients have availed the services and dental implants have been successful on more than 50 patients patients.

Inaugurated 3 waiting areas over 2 years for the convenience of the patients family, friends and attendants with provision of clean and safe drinking water.
In addition, essentials such as emergency trolley beds, mattress with bedspread, pillows with pillowcases, blankets, bedsheets (solapuri chaddar)and much more has been donated. A state of the art Liver Transplant Unit was set up in April 2018. This is the first government hospital to have this set up.

Training by Concern For Mental Health team from UK to nurses in the field of Mental Health Conducted training session for the nurses in administrative & clinical roles in the NICU in collaboration with University Hospital of Leicester, UK (Deepa Panjwani and Team).

Ongoing support is being done to Sassoon looking at the need of the hour for the well being of the patients.

Health Camps

Blood donation camps across Gujarat and Maharashtra

Blood donation camps have been carried out since 2018 and the total units of blood collected is 747 in Ratnagiri, Pune and Masar, Gujarat which his being handed over to Government hospitals.

Primary Screening of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer screening in collaboration with Prashanti Care Centre was held in Khandala Taluka, Satara where a total of 110 ASHA were screened.

On an average, MMF helps 90-100 patients per month, by paying for medical treatments and hospitalizations based on the need of the patient.

No. of patients
Diseases 2017 2018 Jan-Dec, 
Jan-Mar 23,
Cancer 287 246 216 64
Cardiac 171 101 129 18
NICU/PT 121 26 48 24
Thalassamia/BMT  41 23 22 7
Kidney/Liver 52 26 57 4
Hip replacement 14 6 7 1
Epilepsy 9 14 56 2
RTA/Accident 20 18 29 10
Others 112 258 118 38
Cochlea Implant/hearing aids     24 20
Cataract Surgeries at Bharati + HV Desai+ Jharkhand     679 138
Dialysis @ 3500 (Bangalore)       1

Health Camp at Yerawada Jail, Pune

A health camp was conducted in the Yerawada Jail where 265 women prisoners and 14 children underwent basic health check up(skin, gynac and blood sugar testing)149 were identified with issues and prescribed medicines and further referred to local hospitals. Renowned doctors from Sassoon General Hospital attended to these patients.

Arrange Free Health Camps For Children

Mukul Madhav Foundation entered the rural areas in the vicinity of Ratnagiri in 2008 to uplift and upgrade the local community. A prime area of focus was to improve health care services available in these areas.

To address this issue, MMF began conducting free health camps in the schools in that area and has continued with it on a bi-annual basis. At each camp, dentists, ophthalmic (opthalmologists), general physicians, ENT surgeons, and audiology and speech therapists from Pune screen more than 3,000 students.

Furthermore, such camps have been organised for schoolchildren in Panchgani and also in slum areas in Pune. In 2015, we tied up with Teach for India to conduct these health camps in the low- income and PMC schools that the organization is affiliated with, in Pune.

Renowned hospitals of Pune including KEM Hospital, Bharati Hospital, Cochlea Pune, Sassoon General Hospital, H V Desai Eye Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic, Indian Red Cross Society and others participate in these camps, by providing the required team of doctors pro-bono.

Every child's medical report is maintained and those in need of further treatment are brought to Pune for advanced care. We have a system of follow-ups to ensure each child is under observation during his/her treatment.

On an average, in a year, we screen more than 10,000 children!

Free Mammography & Colposcopy Camps For Women

After six successful years of the health camps for children, in 2013, MMF introduced a new project, focusing on the well-being of women. As the worldwide rate of women suffering from breast and cervical cancer is on the rise, the aim of this project was to sensitize people and create awareness about the disease, its prevention and management.

Mukul Madhav Foundation, in association with Finolex Industries Limited and Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, conducted a unique program called, "Cancer Diagnosis At Your Doorstep" for rural women in Ratnagiri and nearby villages. This cancer check-up camp was a first-of-its-kind in Ratnagiri where 2 Cancer Detection Tests, i.e. Mammography and Pap-smear, were carried out under the observation of qualified doctors, counsellors and trained technicians through a mobile van with all the advanced machinery and equipment.

Similar camps have been carried out for women belonging to the Tadiwala slum area in Pune and in homes such as Mahila Seva Mandal. Those detected as positive cases are provided with the required assistance from MMF.

Oral cancer Detection Camps

Oral Cancer detection camps have been organised for employees of Finolex Industries in Chinchwad, Urse and Ratnagiri. The camp consists of a presentation to spread awareness about the hazards of chewing tobacco, smoking etc, followed by a free check-up, for the possible signs of oral cancer. Those in need of further treatment are referred to hospitals and assisted if required.


Support Cataract surgeries

In a recent initiative Finolex Pipes and MMF responded to an appeal made by the Nav Bharat Jagruti Kendra at Jharkhand to provide free cataract surgeries to 200 geriatrics for this financial year.

Yuva Daud – Marathon, Pune

The prizes to the winners across categories were given by Mr. Dhanorkar, Independent Director FIL and Mr. B.R. Mehta, Vice president FIL.

Support to Table Tennis Tournament held in Gujarat

Cerebral Palsy Training to ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activists) workers

A new initiative began in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra to train ASHA workers in order to sensitize and make them aware of the importance of early intervention of CP. This training will help ASHA to detect the symptoms of CP in the children. Training will be provided to all the 8 PHCs in Ratnagiri.

32 ASHA workers from 2 PHC (Primary Health Centre) – Pawas and Chanderi attended the training. The training was conducted by Dr. Saloni Raje, Neuro Physiotherapist, Sancheti Hospital.

Working for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Satara

Finolex Industries Limited and Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) began a unique project to help children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) in Satara since November 2015. As per a survey, 314 children had been diagnosed with CP in the entire district. With the policy of inclusive education in place, the district was promoting these children to attend regular schools. However, as they did not have the required infrastructure i.e. specially designed Cerebral Palsy chairs in their Zilla Parishad schools, MMF had been approached for support. Finolex and MMF donated 100 CP chairs to the ZP schools.

However, when the MMF team began door-to-door verification of these cases, they noticed the need of these children to be comfortable at their homes where they spent most hours of the day. A voluntary increase in donation was thus made, and specially designed wheelchairs (imported from China) and portable commode chairs was provided to each of these children at their homes. Thus, the venture of distributions began in December 2015.

Till date, we have successfully donated 178 wheelchairs and 104 commode chairs. Mukul Madhav Foundation also received a "Samman Patra" from the Zilla Parishad of Satara, for the work done in this district.

In March, April and May 2016, MMF along with an expert team of doctors comprising of neurosurgeons, orthopaedicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, orthotists and optometrists from renowned hospitals of Pune such as Sancheti Hospital, Bharati Hospital, KEM Hospital, Deenanath Mangeshkar and H V Desai Eye Hospital conducted three assessment camps and screened 309 children with Cerebral Palsy. These camps were conducted for two days in each month, in the talukas of Wai, Mahableshwar, Satara, Karad, Koregaon, Khandala, Phaltan, Maan, Khatav, Jawali and Medha.

These assessment camps have helped identify several children in need of orthopedic and neurological surgical interventions. MMF and Finolex are now looking into supporting these children for further treatment as well. Currently, orthopedic surgeries of 15 children have been completed at Sancheti Hospital where Finolex Industries is sponsoring 80% of the cost.

Over the next few months, they set-up taluka level rehabilitation centres in the three talukas of Wai, Satara & Patan, where physiotherapy and speech therapy services are available for these children. Since April 2016, other initiatives taken up through the course of the year also include:

  • Donation of other orthotic devices such as crutches, special shoes and walkers to children
  • Organising free physiotherapy camps to celebrate World Cerebral Palsy day on 7, 14, and 15 October in Satara where 112 children benefited.
  • There has also been a weekly airing of the show, "Haunsla Aage Badne Ka", on All India Radio, to promote awareness about Cerebral Palsy.

Today, MMF is happy to acknowledge that 986 children with CP are being effectively supported in the district.

This project has also received the prestigious Bureaucracy Today, BT-CSR Excellence Award for the Physically Challenged, on 14 July 2016, at the hands of Hon'ble Minister for Heavy Industries, Mr. Anant Geete.

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Mukul Madhav Foundation is constantly striving to improve the quality of healthcare services in India. We are associated with a number of hospitals and medical institutes, by providing them with better infrastructure and training to doctors.

Below is the list of institutes that we are currently associated with:

K.E.M. Hospital, Pune

We have been associated with K.E.M. Hospital, Pune, since the turn of the century. In an attempt to modernize and improve the quality of medical treatment provided to children, we set up a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the year 2000 and a Neo-Natal Ward in the year 2001. In the same year, we established the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit(PICU) and children's Ward and OPD and also went on to remodel the Baby OPD Ward. The ward is provided with a fish tank, a TV Set, a waiting area, examination rooms and the most important of all, a children's play area to keep the young minds occupied. The maintenance and upkeep of these wards is also undertaken by MMF on an on-going basis.

In addition to this, we have also donated a ward to the NICU wing named, "SONALI" – The little stars rooms. The purpose of this wing is to allow the weaker sections of society to avail quality medical care at a fraction of the cost. This ward consists of 6 beds with life-saving equipment, which is vital for critical Neo-Natal Care.

The wing consists of equipment like ventilators, warmers, bubble CPAP pulse oximeter, phototherapy unit, syringe pumps, and GE Lullaby LED. All these systems are vital for critical Neonatal care.

It is an honour to be able to assist this prestigious hospital, which has given a century of excellent medical care to the society.

Recent donations to KEM include
Nanoduct for the diagnosis of patients with a rare disease called cystic fibrosis & NIRS for accurately monitoring brain activities of patients in deep coma. KEM Hospital will be the very first hospital in Pune to be equipped with such technology! 8 fowler beds have been provided to the pediatric ward.

Parkar Hospital, Ratnagiri & Prashanti Cancer Care Mission

The remarkable success of our cancer detection camp at Ratnagiri led us to understand that there is a need for a specialised clinicwhich would address and provide various cancer care services.

Hence, with the vision to uplift healthcare services, for women in that area, Mukul Madhav Foundation, in association with Finolex Industries Limited and Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, decided to establish a Cancer Diagnostic Clinic at Parkar Hospital, Ratnagiri called, "Finolex Women's Well-Being Clinic". Mammography and Colposcopy tests are conducted at subsidized costs.

Dr. C.B. Koppiker, renowned Oncologist and Founder of Prashanti Cancer Care Mission, travels to Ratnagiri regularly to provide his expert guidance to the team at Parkar and also operates on the patients diagnosed at this clinic. In addition to this, Dr. Koppiker also trains the technicians in conducting and recording mammography tests.

In June, 2014, history was created with the first ever "Therapeutic Mammoplasty", carried out at the Well-being Clinic, by Dr. C. B. Koppiker.

Twice a year, we organise mammography camps at the clinic, where Finolex Industries sponsors 80% of the cost, to promote and spread the message of continuous and compulsory health checks to all women of Ratnagiri.

Sassoon General Hospital, Pune

The lives of pre-maturely born children are saved these days, thanks to the continuous research done in the field. The sad reality is that facilities available at the Neonatal ICUs of government hospitals are not very good. Understanding this need, Finolex Industries and Mukul Madhav Foundation have taken up the initiative in March 2016 to help upgrade the existing 35-bedded NICU facility at Sassoon General hospital (SGH), to a fully equipped 59 bedded NICU and a state-of-the-art NICU facility in a Government Hospital.

The NICU at SGH is one of the busiest NICU's in Western Maharashtra catering to almost 5000 critically sick babies annually, free of cost. It is the only urban tertiary care referral center in Pune and for the surrounding districts.

The total cost of the project is approximately Rs. 8 Cr., and Finolex is taking upon itself over 60% of the cost to bring in world class equipment for the facility, followed by DagduSheth Halwai Trust, which has sponsored the civil work/ construction of the new ward and a few other donors who have helped in smaller capacities.

This project, in the memory of our founder, Late Shri Pralhad P Chhabria, will be completed in phases over the next 2 years.

  • Donation of ROP (early intervention of visual impairment) and OAE (early intervention of hearing impairment), Amplitude Integrated EEG and ABG machine were added to NICU
  • Since August 2017 MMF has been donating 1500 Gluco-strips and Glucometer to Sassoon casualty department thus supporting the diabetic people of the society
  • Endoscopy Unit – The Endoscopy Unit was inaugurated on 5th March 2018 by brings in state of the art equipment's.
  • Waiting areas – 3 waiting areas was created which serves as a good hygienic place for patents relatives and guests with water and toilet facilities.
  • With the support of like-minded donors, also established the Dental Laser Unit. This is the first government hospital to have a laser dental implant unit (11th May 2018)
  • Renovated and refurbished Students study room with facilities for 100 students.
  • Conducted training session for the nurses in administrative & clinical roles in the NICU in collaboration with University Hospital of Leichester, UK (Deepa Panjwani and Team) – (21st to 23rd May 2018)
  • Created Liver Transplant Unit in May 2019 – Three liver surgeries and one liver transplant successfully carried out

Bharati Hospital

Bharati hospital support:- Cataract surgery Bharati hospital thalassemia patient , cancer patients, diabetic patients

Pune Police Hospital, Pune

Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries Ltd. aided the Pune Police Hospital by facilitating them with additional medical equipment to help upgrade their current setup. Conducted in honor of Late Shri Pralhad P Chhabria, Founder- Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Group, the inauguration was held on Wednesday, 21 December 2016, at the hospital premises, at the hands of Hon. Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Rashmi Shukla.

The Pune Police hospital is regularly visited by several renowned doctors of the city who volunteer once a week or once a fortnight, to provide their services. Some of the equipment donated by MMF includes a Sonography machine, Dental chair, Digital processor printer for XRAY, ECG Machine, BP apparatus, and an ophthalmic slit lamp.

Geriatric Camp

Geriatric Camp is a new initative of Finolex Industries Ltd. (FIL) and its CSR partner Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF). The objective behind organizing the Geriatric Camp is to provide comprehensive medical checkup facilities by specialist doctors to the elderly people in Satara region.

As many as 200 senior citizens came to the day-long Geriatric Camp where a team of specialist doctors from renowned hospitals in Pune attended to the patients and carried out necessary diagnosis. Opthalmists from H. V. Desai Eye Hospital, from Sassoon General Hospital the psychologists, general physicians, gynecologists and dental specialists, ENT team from Bharati Vidyapeeth and orthopaedics and physiotherapists from Sancheti Hospital have also offered their services for this camp.

By organizing this Geriatric Camp, we wanted to serve one of the most neglected sections in our society i.e. the senior citizens who do not receive adequate medical care and attention regularly. Our objective is to offer such medical facilities to the senior citizens in Satara and in other parts of Maharashtra. Going forward, encouraged by the response, we have decided to organise one geriatric camp a month in Satara. We are, in fact, grateful for the support extended to us by the authorities in Satara," said Ritu Prakash Chhabria, Managing Trustee, Mukul Madhav Foundation.

The geriatric camp initiative has been ably supported by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Dr. Kailas Shinde DHO (district health officer) Dr. Bhagawan Pawar of Satara Zila Parishad. Another notable service the Civil Hospital at Satara has provided was free blood test under National Health Mission.(NHM)

Collaborations with International Healthcare Organizations


We have collaborated with Concern for Mental Health (CFMH) since 2014 to improve the mental face of mental healthcare in India. Concern for Mental Health, UK a registered charity offers training in Mental Health using the World Health Organization (WHO) Mental Health Gap protocols targeting Primary Health Care Physicians, Psychologists, Nurses, Special Teachers, Health Visitors and other Mental Health Professionals.Training has been delivered in Pune since 2014 to the above spectrum of personnel. We took this team to Satara, Maharashtra to provide training to primary school teachers to help them identify and perform assessments on students suffering from mental illness.


This team is being invited more often to impart training which will help trainers to impart knowledge and know-how in facing challenges in the field of mental health. We collaborated with Royal College of Pediatrics (RCPCH ) in 2017 to study the incidence, , opportunities for prevention, therapeutic care and support to young people with CP and their families, and engagement with communities in Pune and Satara. Sessions were delivered by a team of doctors in the field of nutrition, physiotherapy and general issues faced by children affected with CP.


We had a team visiting from University Hospitals of Leicester NHS trust headed by Dr. Deepa Panjwani. Training was provided to nurses in NICU at Sassoon General Hospital, Pune and trainee nurses at Symbiosis college of Nursing, Pune in teaching them ethical practices in the NICU, skin care, respiratory management and nutrition management in neonates.


Community Eye Care Centre, Dehu Road.

Finolex Industries Limited and CSR partner MUKUL Madhav Foundation Kindly Donated Ophthalmic Equipment including ophthalmic chair to Sassoon General Hospital Pune for conduction OPD at Community Eye Care Centre, Dehu Road.
The Equipment's are installed at "Santh Tukaram Maharaj Gattha Mandir" at Dehu road, Pune. Inauguration was done on 20th January 2020
Medical team of SGH, Pune will carry out OPD on first Monday of every month. Patients who require surgery would be brought to Sassoon General Hospital, Pune and treated free of cost. This Facility would can now be utilised by all villagers, Warkaris and other pilgrims visiting "Santh Tukaram Mahraj Gattha Mandir"

RO plant donated by FIL/MMF for dialysis unit of Ratnagiri civil hospital

Facilitate Medical Assistance:

Mukul Madhav Foundation is associated with a number of hospitals in and around Maharashtra through the hospital's social workers who refer individual cases in need of medical aid. Our team of passionate social workers verifies each case to ascertain fund requirements and regular follow ups are done to ensure that each patient receives the necessary care and also sufficient assistance even after getting discharged. On an average, MMF helps 70-80 patients per month, by paying for their medical treatments and hospitalizations, as and when required.

Mukul Madhav Foundation organises free medical camps sponsored by Finolex Industries Limited for Akansha Savitribai Phule English Medium School and TAFI.

Free Diabetic Camps:

Since April 2014, Mukul Madhav Foundation has been organizing Free Diabetic check-up camps at KEM Hospital, Pune, on a monthly basis.

The main activity of this camp is free consultation and advice on diabetic care. Investigations like Fasting Blood Sugar, TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone), HB1AC (Glycatedhemoglobin test) and Creatinine are also carried out. Free insulin vials are distributed to deserving individuals. Since December 2015, Finolex Pipes has been sponsoring this camp for Rs. 25,000 per month.

Sponsoring Cataract Surgeries

Finolex Pipes and Mukul Madhav Foundation (MMF) over the last 10 years has worked successfully with H.V Desai Eye Hospital, Pune. In 2015 a new project was initiated to sponsor free cataract surgeries for children and geriatrics from various parts of Pune and Maharashtra. These surgeries were conducted under the guidance of specialists from the hospital. As on date we have completed more than 5000 surgeries.
In a recent initiative Finolex Pipes and MMF responded to an appeal made by the Nav Bharat Jagruti Kendra at Jharkhand to provide free cataract surgeries to 100 geriatrics for this financial year.

Pediatric Cardiac Camps in association with Healing Little Hearts, UK:

Mukul Madhav Foundation and Finolex Industries Ltd began a project in March 2014 with Healing Little Hearts (HLH), a registered charity in the UK and Grant Medical Foundation's Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune, to conduct quarterly pediatric cardiac camps. Together, we bring in specialist medical teams from the UK to Pune to stand-in, guide and train the in-house doctors at Ruby Hall Clinic during complex heart procedures. This team comprises of pediatricians, nurses, and intensivists from the University Hospitals of Leicester, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool Children's Hospital and other institutions. Doctors who wish to participate in this programme register with Dr. SanjivNichani, Founder of Healing Little Hearts, Leicester,UK.

Currently, children in India with heart problems either do not get the surgical treatment required or doctors do not have the expertise to neither operate on them (as in the case of underweight babies) nor care for them post-surgery, which results in high mortality rates. The vision for this project is to change this situation in India.

Members of Healing Little Hearts come to India, in support of this worthy cause without any financial remuneration. These surgeons specialize in operating on new-borns suffering with heart diseases and the team of intensivists and nurses are skilled in postoperative care.

Finolex Industries Limited through Mukul Madhav Foundation is sponsoring the teams' accommodation and domestic travel expenses, and is also looking at possible tie-ups with other hospitals in Pune.

We have reached out to 96 children after 10 successful camps.

Awareness drives for medical benefits available under Government schemes:

In 2016, Mukul Madhav Foundation & Finolex Industries carried out awareness campaigns in the villages of Masar & Abhor (near Vadodara), Gujarat to educate people about the benefits available under the MA card (Mukhyamantri Amrutum) scheme by the Gujarat Government.

This scheme is applicable to all families having an annual income of Rs.1.20 lakh or below. Beneficiaries under this scheme can avail cashless quality medical and surgical treatment for catastrophic illnesses. The Sum assured is up to Rs.2, 00,000/- per family per annum for a unit of 5 family members. Also, Rs. 300/- is paid to the beneficiary as transportation charges for every visit to the empaneled hospitals.

We in collaboration with the government officials conducted these camps in which over 300 families of both villages were facilitated to get their cards.

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