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Rainwater Harvesting at Punyadham Ashram, Pune
A rain water harvesting facility has been set up at the Punyadham Ashram through which water is being collected & used for various domestic uses. We are planning to do this at other institutes to ensure we use rain water efficiently.

Kondbhav & Kalamwadi Water Conservation Projects

In continuation to our water conservation project completion at Soradi, we have gone a mile further to initiate another project & inaugurated on 19th June 2017 at Kondbhavi & Kalamwadi village.

Beach Clean-up at Ratnagiri

Tree plantation at Ratnagiri and Masar

Ensuring to look after the environment in the vicinity of the areas we operate, tree plantation drives have been undertaken around the schools of Panchgani, Mahableshwar, Ratnagiri in Maharashtraand Masar in Gujarat.Over 7000 saplings are planted annually.

Promoting the Bharat Swach Abhyan Mission, Finolex Industries & Mukul Madhav Foundation have taken up the initiative of regular cleaning of the Bhatye beach in Ratnagiri. A most popular tourist destination of the district, this beach attracts people from all walks of life and needs regular maintenance and Clean-up. One Sunday of each month is utilized by volunteers from Finolex Industries, who gather for the beach cleaning activity. Dustbins and banners have also been put-up at the beach.

Water conservation drive at Rede, Sordi and Kalambe village

The problem of scarcity of water in our state coupled with increasingly degraded quality of existing sources of water and is threatening the health of people and ecosystems and increasing the costs of treatment.

With this concern Finolex Industries Ltd. and Mukul Madhav Foundation came forward to work for this noble cause and address the water scarcity issues in our state.

In, 2015 we have also ventured into water conservation project at Rede, Village District Solapur, and Maharashtra. 

We have supported the project with our financial contribution, and transformed the many households in Rede village by cleaning the water reservoir and doubling the storage capacity. The water level has increased in the vicinity.

Additionally we have also adopted another village in Soradi in Sangli district to meet the acute water shortage by helping them to clear the lake, which is a vial source of water to this area. During the process of cleaning the lake there was a residual mixture collected from the lake which was useful for the farmers to add to their cultivation. This in turn increased the fertility proposition of the soil. Each farmer received 5 tractors of the residual mixture.

We have supported the villagers to have the lake cleaned and make it feasible for having water to be available and beat the scarcity. Sources have informed us recently that the lake has collected 2.29 cr. Ltrs water immediately after the first rain.

A rain water harvesting facility has been set at the Punyadham Ashram through which water is being collected and used for various domestic uses. We are planning to do this in many other places to ensure we use the rain water efficiently.

Kondbavi, a village in Malshiras, Solapur district will be another village for which we will be supporting in water conservation.

Water Conservation Project Sponsored In Sholapur, Maharashtra:

Finolex Pipes and Mukul Madhav Foundation in association with Shri Mhasoba Gramvikas Pratishthan successfully cleaned out 16 Cement Nalabandhs in Rede Village, Tal-Malshiras, Dist-Solapur, in June 2016. The aim of this project is to help increase the percolation and level of the ground water tables and solve the water scarcity problem in this village.

Water Schemes: (Ratnagiri)

India is home to 18% of the global population but has only 4% of usable water resources. The water crisis worsens further through distribution losses in the carriage of water and endemic pollution. The fear of drought looms large in the state of Maharashtra. More than 25% villages in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra suffer from water shortages and more than 50% of land is kept fallow due to lack of sufficient water. The problem is not just of scanty rainfall, but also of poor water management and lack of reservoirs. Water management becomes a challenge due to the soil and terrain of rural Maharashtra.

Looking at the perennial water scarcity in Maharashtra for the last 9 years, Finolex started working on water conservation projects since 2007. The company has spent over Rs. 1.2 Cr to implement 22 water schemes in Ratnagiri from 2008 till date. The villages benefitted include Kolambe, Golap, Phansop, Bhatye and Pawas. The support extended includes the digging of new wells, reviving old wells, electric pumps, supplying water through tankers to the villages in the months of April & May, setting up water filtration units, Syntex tanks etc.

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